Sunday, March 04, 2012

There is no place like home

...oh, Ohio. Alas, it will only be our home another 25 days then onto a new adventure in Massachusetts. The last six months with my parents and DK have been fun and have really gone by too fast.

But until we find out where Mr. D will be working, it will be a blast to spend a month or so my inlaws! And let's be honest... At least a week or two of that I will be sitting in ice, recovering from my first marathon so I'll need all the help with little d I can get!! :)


K. S. Powers said...

This post makes me sad. :(

Sarah said...

remember how one day you will have your OWN REAL HOUSE somewhere?! that's the exciting part i'm most looking forward to so i can come visit of course (: (: (:

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