Thursday, March 08, 2012

stuff you need to know for your 18 mile (or otherwise insanely long) run with toddler in tow

18 miles.
6 outside in the BOB with little d. drive to gym. drop off little d at childcare.
5.5 on treadmill. Restart treadmill.
5.5 on treadmill. pick up little d. drive home.
Leave little d eating lunch with "abbie".
Painful last mile outside, by myself. SO SLOW.
Feed self lunch. Prep little d for nap. Prep ice bath.
Nap little d. Take said ice bath. Nap one hour.
.......And that, my dear friends all took place yesterday during the time that used to be my regular workday, 7am-3pm. Whoever says marathon training is not a full time job is a LIAR. Also, whoever marathon trains while working or going to school is a ROCKSTAR. And if you can train, work/go to school AND take care of a child??! Please tell me your secret, unless it is not sleep then I do not want to hear it.

Ok, here's what you gotta know:

1. No matter what you do you are going to hurt at the end of the run. Accept it. Embrace it, even. Try not to cry. Iron Man, not wussy man, remember?
2. Fruit snacks are just as good if not even better (and cheaper!) than shot blocks because you can eat 6 packs of them and not get nauseated. I never used to fuel runs and now I cannot imagine a run longer than an hour without a snack and drink. [that may be my toddler rubbing off on me]
3. Power bars are actually pretty good!! Mr. D got a sample of the Chocolate Performance bar and it tasted incredible! I am ordering some more from Runner's Warehouse as we speak! I'm glad I discovered this now, because from here on out for just under five weeks of training there will be NO adding anything new to my diet anytime soon. Stick with what you know. It works. Also, I have a testimony of visualizing what you are going to eat post-run as being just as effective as what you are actually eating while running.
4. You have to have a plan. I always plan out like 5 backup plans "just in case" [he poops, gets hungry, gets cranky, wakes up too early, etc]. Also letting people in on your plan who can help you is a good idea.

In two weeks I will be running 20 miles and that equates to about 4 hours for me. Childcare at the gym is only two hours and little d only tolerates the BOB for an hour at a time, so my dad will be watching him for an hour while I run solo at 6:30 am. Crazy? Maybe. But you do what works for you. And I like to get all my running in before noon/naptime so I can catch a little break and put those sore legs up for an hour or so :)
5. When you finish those 18 miles and feel like you can't go another step, just remember there will still be 8 miles to go in the marathon in six weeks.
6. Post-run it is important to eat refuel by eating protein ASAP as well as carbohydrates. Unfortunately for me, I am not too big on meat (especially after working out) so Chobani is about all I can stand. A few hours later, I can down an entire can of tuna.
7. Foam rolling and ice baths (for me, at least) are necessary evils. That, combined with some POM juice are my recovery trifecta. And no, even after doing it for three months, I can say with certainty that an ice bath NEVER gets any easier. You just DO IT. And try not to cry too loud or you'll wake the baby.
8. When people hear how much you just ran, they'll say "oh, I bet you can eat anything since you burned so many calories!" and you probably will eat. And eat. And eat. And be "bottomless pit" hungry for the next 48 hours. Marathon training is not kind to those attempting to lose weight.
9. Post-run, you are allotted approximately the rest of the day to wear sweats. After that, it's back to business you can look proper in public. And hopefully no one will notice your side-step-shuffle as you make your way up or down stairs.
10. RICE is usually necessary and important, but it is also good to keep moving! I always make it a point to walk around a LOT the same day and the day after a long run. It helps the recovery trifecta.
Well, there you have it! A bunch of probably useless information coupled with a few pictures I wanted to show off :) Your welcome, Surah!


Have Your Way said...

KUDOS to you for running 18 miles!!! I finally enjoyed my first run OUTSIDE this morning and Im surprised I am still here! I about BLEW away!!!

Rochelle said...

You are awesome...I'm so glad you are a few weeks ahead of me in marathon training so I can learn from you. I work fulltime, have two kids, and am training for a marathon and I'll just tell you I do all those jobs poorly - that's how I survive...I am a hot mess and wish I could give 100% to all...but alas I can't figure out how to do that. So the person that can do all those things really well - I want to know their secret!! And running with a stroller- you are my hero for that!!

Rachelle Wardle said...

It looks like you have it all figured out. :) It really does get easier the longer you stay in "training" mode. I work fulltime and go to school fulltime and somehow make it work. However throwing kids into the mix would be absolutely impossible in my opinion.

You are doing great Ruth and I could definitely follow your example when it comes to the ice bath and foam rolling.

Sarah said...

ahhh LOVE ITTTTTTTT (: i love how you take so many pictures of little d crying hahahaha. he's a tough kid, he can handle it (;

YOU ARE SO AWESOME BY THE WAY. keep it up!!! those 26.2 miles will feel like HEAVEN at the end - you are a rockstar!!!!

anna. said...

oh my goodness. i wish i had time to train for a marathon. that is my new goal.

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