Monday, March 05, 2012

photo a day in February.. DZ #57

Instagram is about a zillion times easier than blogging. You just post a picture, add a little snippet and BAM! Done. Easiest DZP to remember to do :) Especially since I am still recovering from New York and have about a bazillion things to blog about... it will have to wait. Also, I still cannot find my training plan or my planner where I wrote down what my workouts were.


Sarah said...

someday i will have an iphone and be as obsessed with instagram as everyone else is...except there will be a bazillion new things > instagram by then...but i will still love it. and i will call it my instagram.


Sarah said...

slash so proud of you for dzp!!!!

also...definitely thought the feb photo a day was by "fat muslim"...whoopsie

anna. said...

love these ( :

also i also read it like sarah did the first time...oops.

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