Friday, March 09, 2012

NAEA Conference 2012 New York City

Last week I stormed NYC [along with a couple thousand other art educators] for three days and three nights to get some professional development in order to renew my teaching license. And getting to go sightsee in NYC all by myself? That was just an added bonus.

Because I got married at 20, I really have not been "independent" for about 6 years. What can I say? Mr. D takes good care of me: does the bills, manages our finances, plans our travel, basically makes all the big kid decisions in our family. Not too fair, but I am working on trying to be more responsible. Starting with going all by myself to NYC. I only had to take a taxi to our cousin's condo from the airport and other than that, me and my iphone walked all over the city and I LOVED IT.

My days consisted of attending conference sessions [I didn't want to bore you with pictures of those], museums [MoMA, the Met, Guggenheim], and a lot of walking [or running] around!! My sisters requested a ton of pictures so here you go...

First night. My view from Cousin Joey's place, where I stayed.
 and this made me miss little d's uncle Charlie!!
 Morning glory.
 Walking on the way to the conference... as Surah said "The church is true even in NYC!"
Fast forward a few hours later when I hit the MoMA!! 
I have been wanting to go here for YEARS, ever since I took a Modern Art class online in 2007.
Monet. How have I never known his painting are so BIG?!?! Phenomenal.
 "Hey look, I'm Picasso."

 Pollock (for Blake)
 Ah, the MoMA... where rooms full of candy, cat litter, and basketballs in water can be art.

 Sol LeWitt.

 Diego Rivera was a close second favorite. Love those mexican muralists.
Free cupcake from the Sheraton Hotel (where half of the conference was located) and then off to lunch!
 BOSTON clam chowda and some a la carte
 Met up with some old friends
 Especially this one. Em and I have been to now three Art Education conferences together.
New Orleans in 2008 and Minneapolis in 2009 were paid for by the student chapter... as working gals we had to pay our own way this year!
 Times Square.
 Crumbs!! And have I mentioned every time I saw something with MM I had to take a picture of it?
 Disney Store
 Dinner... a lamb gyro! It was so spicy I thought my face was going to melt.
But oh so good.
 Took a 9 miler in Central Park Friday morning... 
took the longest loop around the whole park and passed the Guggenheim!
So cool.
 Also... LOVE that I found these truffula trees. I cannot stop thinking about how cool this installation was. I love that it was Lorax opening weekend!! One of my most favorite stories of all time!!
 Em presented her masters thesis on creativity... so good! All I did was decorate a sketchbook.
Applying what I learn, right??
 My little d LOVES his M&M's.
 And this one was for DK... he loves Mario! (heh-ho as little d calls him)
 I am not ashamed to say she is my idol. Someday I will have her perfect abs.
 Cannot get enough street food.
 Mickey and Woody probably need to start working out??
 Grossest Philly Cheesestake ever on the planet.
 Followed by passing pastries I wished I HAD eaten, to take the nasty taste out of my mouth.
 Ah, the Guggenheim. Love the architecture.
 And the Van Gogh.
 By jove, I found my holy grail. I have been an ancient Egypt nerd since I could read. I wrote lengthy notes in hieroglyphs that only I could read. I stayed up all night memorizing the names of all the Gods and wowing in the glory that was King Tut. As an adult I still find myself glued to the TV when an egyptian tombs special comes on the Discovery Channel. So when I walked into this room... what else could I do?

I cried. 
Big alligator tears streaming down my face. I have never felt that way about anything art-related in my life. It was such a moment and I immediately regretted being by myself and not being able to share that moment. What a fantastic arrangement of artifacts, and the pictures do not do it justice.

The rest of the museum is pretty awesome too.
 Walked back to the conference via Central Park (gasp! at night!!)
It was lovely.
 Ended my night with some ABP cocoa.
 chili and popcorn. The perfect meal to warm me up after a crazy day.
 All those conference notes...
 And Saturday morning I got this post-basketball text. Like I needed to miss them more!!!
 Saturday may have been the nicest day of the trip but least cooperative with my hair.
notice it is the size of my HEAD!
 And right before leaving NYC I had one last stop to make... a visit with my best friend (since we were 4!) to Serendipity III 3. I have never seen the movie but I heard about it and Cheri and hubby Ian came form NJ to take me there for a sendoff lunch!
 THE frozen hot chocolate. Like a hot cocoa and a chocolate shake made a baby.
 Lunch! Who would have guessed a turkey avocado sammy would taste so good on raisin bread??
 and since we didn't get enough chocolate.. the black cake for dessert!!
 Love these kids.
 On the way back to the hotel, we snapped some awesome pics... like Cheri photogging it.

 And this cathedral... un REAL.
 No surprise it took 90 years to make.
 Interior was astonishing. All that carving...

 And that is just about everything picture worthy from NYC :)
Special shout out goes to my AWESOME grandma who gave me a little extra "play" money so I could really enjoy my trip!!
hopefully the next time I go it can be with at least one of my boys!!
A wonderful but exhausting weekend... my own father didn't believe I had time to conference in between all the sightseeing. In case you are wondering, I did. :)


Have Your Way said...

WHOA!!! So glad you got to have an amazing time in NYC!! Jealous you got to go to museums. I LOVE museums!!! Especially art ones!!!

Sarah said...

HOLY PICTURE OVERLOAD!! Who do you think you are, me?! (;

kidding! LOVE ALL OF THESE. you are a rockstar. so so jealous of your "me-time" IN NYC! still love the fact that i recently learned about your egyptian obsession..definitely NEVER knew that!!

love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! can't wait to visit you in boston and we can go see a broadway show (or two!) summer?!? (: (: (:

A Little Sass said...

Oh I am GREEN with envy! What an amazing trip. I should have gone with you. You sure made the best of it. Heart you !

anna. said...

things i loved about this post:
-toy story art references.
-jillian's abs (jealous).
-the kardashians love those nuts.
-the fact that i knew you loved egypt.
-baby d's adorable face.
-frozen hot chocolate (OMG).

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