Thursday, March 15, 2012

Marathon Monday week 14

Welp I am a bit late with no excuses other than seeing it in writing makes me a little bit nervous.

36 miles this week!
Mon-45 weights, 60 elliptical
Tues-5 mile TM run (60 minutes)
Weds-18 mile run. It took longer than 3 hours you can read more about it here.
Thurs-30 min elliptical (4 miles)
Fri-5.5 mile TM run (64 minutes)
Sat-3.5 miles TM run (45 mins), 15 mins abs

I was initially in a panic looking over last week because I thought I missed 4 miles running but then I remembered I wasn't having the best week so I took up the elliptical and did four miles there instead, just to be on the safe side.

My legs were SO sore...usually 24 hours after my long run, I feel back to normal, but not this time. All the icing, sleeping, rolling wasn't healing my legs. Hence why my 9 miler Friday got split into two runs. And all my runs were SUPER slow.

I was thinking that my legs were feeling dead from the weights class I took Monday. I was initially going to continue going to Muscle Madness until next week when I did my 20 miler, but decided last week that I would stop and try to focus more on pilates, yoga, and other core workouts that involve only body weight in case the weight bearing workouts were the reason for my excess soreness. I much better this week. I am also trying a little self-inflicted "sugar/chocolate/processed goods" purge from my diet. I have yet to hit my pre pregnancy weight since I finished nursing about a year ago and desperately want to be at that weight before Boston. Crazy? Maybe. But aside from three more ice bath/hot cocoa combos (20, 10 and 12 miler I have yet to complete) I am trying to fill my diet with LOTS of flavor and healthier foods so that I can focus more on my nutrition instead of freaking out about those last two weeks of taper that I don't have a single double digit run. What the!? I am trying to trust the process. Trust Hal. It's not easy but I can do it.

It is thrilling and a bit terrifying to think that in 32 days I will have run a marathon (knock on wood). But
I will have already started thinking about my next race... I am already eyeing the Providence half marathon. As much as I would love to fit in another marathon (or not?), I think for the time being half marathons are more up my alley (and take so much less time to train for!), and I can work on improving my fitness from there.

But my brother in law did just get his mission call to Milan, Italy. And I would by lying if I said the words "Europe Marathon" did not enter my google search. I would DEFINITELY consider another marathon if it was a destination one. How sweet would that be?? First I have to convince Mr. D of the necessity to leave our child(ren) in the capable hands of my parents for a week or two in 2014 so we can visit Italy.

But first... to Boston! :)


Sarah said...

international marathon = YES PLEASE I WOULD TOTALLY GO WITH! meaning you might want to do that just as a little second honeymoon with mr. d....but i would still go. at least to run it with you. (: PLEASE TAKE ME slash YOU ARE GOING TO ROCK AT BOSTON I CAN HARDLY CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT!! keep it up and hey, even if your miles are slower miles, that doesn't change the fact that THEY ARE MILES. you are a ROCKSTAR! keep it up!! (:

Sarah said...

ps how many times do i have you tell you (even though this is only the second)...MUSCLE WEIGHTS > FAT. so i would stop focusing on weight if i were you...because if you keep up with your weights/core workouts, you probably won't ever get to your pre-prego weight. especially since you have never trained this hard before - you probably have gained muscle in places you don't even realize. just saying... (: LOVE YOU MUSCLE MACHINE

Sarah said...

um...*muscle WEIGHS > fat"

my spelling goes out of whack when i get excited whoopsie...hope you like seeing that you have three comments from your favorite commenting sister (;

anna. said...

hah. let's all go to europe and run a marathon and then lift weights after.

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