Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Marathon Monday Week 13... six weeks left!!??!!

Boston Marathon is six weeks away.
What the?!

How time manages to go by so quickly boggles my mind. Three months ago I would have laughed at the idea of running for longer than two hours and tomorrow I will most likely be running for just under four. FOUR HOURS OF RUNNING.

Thankfully, last week was my "extra" week, my 19th week in an 18 week training plan so I was just planning on repeating the week previous. Believe it or not, the NYC trip did not mess me up this week, but running a little too fast (I may have been playing with sub-7 minute miles on some TM fartleks Tuesday) and my knee has been out of sorts the last few days. Thankfully I gave it lots of ice and rest and rolling and I think (knock on wood) that it is well, after a slower (12 minute miles) 5 miles.

21 miles this week. Last time my mileage was that low was the second week in January!

Mon- Weight class (60 minutes)
Tues- 12 mile run (2 hours)... 10 on TM in 1:40 and 2 with the BOB in 20 minutes.
Weds-20 mins elliptical, 20 mins bike, 20 mins rowing (60 mins cardio total)
Friday-9 mile run in Central Park!! Where I ran into some truffula trees. Don't mind my cross eyed look. Nine miles is a lot to run on only two shot blocks! I was practically delirious :)


Sarah said...

2 shot blocks in 9 miles?! girl, you crazy! i could never do that haha i take one every two miles usually (: slash SO PROUD OF YOU you are doing so incredibly!!! what is the most mileage you are running at once before the big day?? slash oh knee problems...we must all be sisters </3 RICE RICE RICE and hope you feel better soon!!

Have Your Way said...

I hope your knee feels better!! I wish my half training was going amazing as your full training, but atlast I have DUMB pain in my right shin :(

Missy said...

Oh I'm so jealous, running in Central Park! Awesomeness!

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