Friday, March 02, 2012

Happy birthday Dr Seuss!!!

Here's to a good day 2.

Started at 8am with a run in the truffula trees.

Filled with art museums, art making, art educating.

Ended before 7pm with ABP cocoa and turkey chili, kettle corn for dinner with a side of knee icing.

I think I walked a googolplex miles today.


Have Your Way said...

that last picture makes me think of Dr. Seuss!!

So glad you're having fun at your conference!! Jealous youre in NYC!

siovhan said...

oh i just love you.

Sarah said...

SEUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSical. central park run next time we are in the city together. bam. (next boston??? ;)

anna. said...

googleplex miles. just like oskar?

anna. said...

new york reminds me of oskar. WE NEED TO SEE THAT MOVIE WHILE WE'RE IN BOSTON! it comes out on dvd next week ( :

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