Saturday, March 31, 2012

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Made it.

Bless you, airline companies for making the seat belt so fascinating to little d. He and kevs did fabulously on both legs of the flight and I was flattered with lots of help from wonderful passengers and crew.

Both boys have since napped, played outside, and made my inlaws place their own. Can't wait to have Mr. D back tomorrow night to make our little family complete again.

And thanks to my parents (and inlaws) for helping get all our stuff here and situated. Now the countdown is ON for my marathon when Anna, DK and the parentals can join us for a few days!! Miss you guys (and Sarah too but I will have to wait till YOUR marathon to see you!!)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mouseka ready mouseka set here we go

530am will be coming too soon for my liking. Just remember, iIt's not goodbye... Just a "see you real soon!"

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Survived a 13 hour drive to Boston

Now I just have to fly back to Ohio, grab these two little buggers and off we go to a new home. After that crazy drive, a couple hours flying solo with a toddler and cat shouldn't be too bad.


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Everybody is working for the weekend

Much needed deep tissue Massage. Last visit to Bob Evans with the fam. Logans roadhouse x2. Last visit to worthington farmers market. Glorious fresh jam and homemade Sunday crepes. Lorax and Hunger Games.

Last weekend in Ohio was fabulous.
Last double digit run till the marathon will be on Wednesday.

Three weeks from tomorrow.

And as of this Friday we will have all shipped off to Boston.

I am a mess of indescribable emotions right now and none of them are worth describing right now so pictures will have to suffice.

I love running in the spring.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Boston Marathon in 6 minutes or less and how to follow me

The Boston Globe put this together and I have only watched it a half a dozen times. Watch it! It will only take you just under six minutes to view the whole course and will probably take me at least 5 hours, so that's a steal, right??
Also, for those of you who haven't heard, you can follow me along the marathon route for raceday by signing up for their text alerts or just going to the website come raceday and input my bib number (22647) or name (Ruth Dowling) and they track my splits every 5k, or 3.1 miles. (also a good way for Mr. D to make sure I haven't died along the route)

I am still sore three days after my 20 miler, even with a deep tissue massage yesterday, but I still have 10 miles to run today, 5 tomorrow, and 5 on Monday before I can catch a little break on my travel day. 

Speaking of traveling, we have one car fully packed and the other mostly packed. There may be hope for us after all in getting everything to Boston over the next few weeks. Sure we may not have furniture but between the three of us, we have enough clothing (me: shoes, Mr. D: BYU Polos, little d just has a TON of clothes) to probably put us in the same category as a certain little financial journalist...  Which, by the way if you haven't seen the scene where she manages to stuff her entire life in one closet until her best friend opens it and everything explodes out and practically drowns her in clothing, you should. Because that is how our cars will be come Monday.
23 days till Boston!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

20 mile long run

This was my first long run since having little d that I ran solo. No treadmills, training partners, BOB, or baby.

Like a breath of fresh air. Running along the Olentangy River felt so good, even if my feet and legs were crying for mercy. But I came home to a happy baby so it's all good.

Stairs are a killer right now. The ice bath looms ahead. But so does that one hour massage!!

My 20 miler must haves: a babysitter (thanks Abbie and Bobby), glide, water bottle, cash just incase, ID, fruit snacks, pretzels, hat, sunscreen, lucky shirt/skort/socks. I had water every 30 mins and snacks every 60. Only had to use the bathroom once a little over halfway in. Good trial run for Boston and now it's off to some serious tapering!!! Wahoo!

Monday, March 19, 2012

20 months

Food Loves: cheese, yogurt, fig newtons, smoothies, m&m's, noodles (macaroni or ramen), "bears" (teddy Grahams).

Loves to: jump, go to the gym, run, point out runners/ducks/fire trucks/busses/babies/planes when we are in the car or BOB, say please and ank ooh, put on Chapstick, foam roll ( or whatever I happen to be doing), crack eggs and measure stuff for baking, dribble a basketball or kick a soccer ball while running, watch Mickey mouse, go outside, pet dogs or cats, sit on Kevin, imitate any word I ask him to say, help me up when I am sitting or laying down, dance to any LMFAO song.

Dislikes: saying goodbye to his dad on Monday's, long car rides, most new foods or new textures, going inside after being outside for any length of time, being told "no", being held (unless he's tired), brushing teeth, taking naps, sitting still for any length of time.

Some stuff he can do: understand humor in falling down (and plays it up like a little ham, especially in the tub, going "whoa whoa whoa!" right before he falls over), sing the words to "I am a child of god"/"ABC song"/"snowman"/"popcorn"/"sunbeam"/"itsy bitsy spider"/"wheels on the bus", draw (usually on his hands feet the table or anywhere but on paper) , apologize, say his name/peekaboo/ it's me!, throw a football with a spiral, catch a ball, blow bubbles, help me pick things up/clean/follow a simple request like "can you get a bowl for your cereal?", feed himself (finally!!).

20 months does come with some serious advantages. We've finally got the one nap thing down pat (even though I wish it was for longer than 90 minutes) and he's finally sleeping through the night about 10-11 hours, knock on wood. That means we spend most mornings eating breakfast together, going to the gym and then having lunch before his nap. The weather has been so perfect lately that we spend most of the post-nap day outside. I really do live a blessed life and little d really is a good boy and a fun little goofball to hang around with. With his increasing interest in the outside world (you know, outside of balls), it is much easier to entertain his attention for longer periods of time, which especially for the 1 hour round trip car ride to/from the airport is a huge help.

The next 4 weeks holds a long of changes for the two of us. Saying good bye to our Ohio friends and family. I'll be driving our stuff out to Boston with dad (little d will spend the day with Abbie), flying back to Ohio, flying with Kevin and little d to Boston, moving in with my in laws while looking for our new home, running the marathon, celebrating Kevin's birthday and 6 years of marriage and then....? Who knows.

I'm getting extremely excited for this marathon but also can feel the post-marathon blues setting in a bit in the back of my mind. Like thinking about not running more than 10 miles during that upcoming taper period really bums me out, what's up with that?! And don't get me started about my first post marathon week where I can't run AT ALL. I think I'll start researching gym passes, fall races and mommy and me classes so I don't go completely crazy in 4 weeks.

Or maybe just start planning little d's birthday party in 4 months. My baby is almost 2, where has the time gone?!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Starting the day of St. Patrick off right

With a bowl of lucky charms. The one day a year I don't care if he only eats the marshmallows. Or that he eats sugared cereal, for that matter.

Friday, March 16, 2012


That, my friends, is my newest lucky number! One month till you can stalk me online while i run Boston!!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Marathon Monday week 14

Welp I am a bit late with no excuses other than seeing it in writing makes me a little bit nervous.

36 miles this week!
Mon-45 weights, 60 elliptical
Tues-5 mile TM run (60 minutes)
Weds-18 mile run. It took longer than 3 hours you can read more about it here.
Thurs-30 min elliptical (4 miles)
Fri-5.5 mile TM run (64 minutes)
Sat-3.5 miles TM run (45 mins), 15 mins abs

I was initially in a panic looking over last week because I thought I missed 4 miles running but then I remembered I wasn't having the best week so I took up the elliptical and did four miles there instead, just to be on the safe side.

My legs were SO sore...usually 24 hours after my long run, I feel back to normal, but not this time. All the icing, sleeping, rolling wasn't healing my legs. Hence why my 9 miler Friday got split into two runs. And all my runs were SUPER slow.

I was thinking that my legs were feeling dead from the weights class I took Monday. I was initially going to continue going to Muscle Madness until next week when I did my 20 miler, but decided last week that I would stop and try to focus more on pilates, yoga, and other core workouts that involve only body weight in case the weight bearing workouts were the reason for my excess soreness. I much better this week. I am also trying a little self-inflicted "sugar/chocolate/processed goods" purge from my diet. I have yet to hit my pre pregnancy weight since I finished nursing about a year ago and desperately want to be at that weight before Boston. Crazy? Maybe. But aside from three more ice bath/hot cocoa combos (20, 10 and 12 miler I have yet to complete) I am trying to fill my diet with LOTS of flavor and healthier foods so that I can focus more on my nutrition instead of freaking out about those last two weeks of taper that I don't have a single double digit run. What the!? I am trying to trust the process. Trust Hal. It's not easy but I can do it.

It is thrilling and a bit terrifying to think that in 32 days I will have run a marathon (knock on wood). But
I will have already started thinking about my next race... I am already eyeing the Providence half marathon. As much as I would love to fit in another marathon (or not?), I think for the time being half marathons are more up my alley (and take so much less time to train for!), and I can work on improving my fitness from there.

But my brother in law did just get his mission call to Milan, Italy. And I would by lying if I said the words "Europe Marathon" did not enter my google search. I would DEFINITELY consider another marathon if it was a destination one. How sweet would that be?? First I have to convince Mr. D of the necessity to leave our child(ren) in the capable hands of my parents for a week or two in 2014 so we can visit Italy.

But first... to Boston! :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Perfection in March

Words cannot describe how happy this makes me. I am actually looking forward to my 20 miler next week because at least half of it will be outside. Don't worry I will be wearing my sunscreen.

Also I am getting a one hour massage next Friday so if that 20 miler does destroy me, I am confident a masseuse will help put the pieces back together in time for the marathon.

As my BOB proudly reminds me in every run... BRING ON BOSTON!!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Only 5 weeks left of training for Mr. D. As much as I love our weekends together, I happily welcome a change that will keep him home 3 of every 4 weeks.

Speaking of five weeks left in training... My countdown is something like 33 days till Boston?! Freaking out a little but getting there will hopefully allow me to drive the route at least twice a day so I can you know memorize it :)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy 51st birthday, Bobby!

For those of you who aren't aware of the evolution of my dad's most recent moniker, we requested that little d call my dad "grandpa" which little d translated as "bop pa" which rapidly evolved into "bobby"... We have no idea why but maybe because it just sounds better with "Abbie" (Astrid).

Last year at this time my sisters and I took a long weekend to fly across the country and celebrate the big guy turning 50. So much has happened in a year and I hope my dad will always look back with fondness on the last 7+ months as I do, where we got to celebrate Abbie's birthday, my birthday, thanksgiving, the Christmas holidays, mr. d's birthday, and now his birthday together.

I am so lucky and grateful to have such a wonderful father and role model for a parent who has taken really good care of our little family the last few months, watching little d on a whim and letting me buy crazy things like purple cauliflower to make for dinner. He puts up with a lot!! Thank you and we love you!!
Happy birthday!!
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