Thursday, February 23, 2012

Three things

Yup I've been blog lazy this week. Every blog on my phone this week but who cares? My husband is home in the evening for only 4 more nights and I'm enjoying sitting next to him watching basketball. Oh right and someone (surprise surprise) is not sleeping well again, waking up to cry inconsolably for at least an hour in the middle of the night so I'm back to napping while he does.... Even if like today it is only for 55 minutes.

All in all, nothing really gets done around here by me. I wake up, work out, lunch, nap and play till bedtime. It's a nice little routine that I am loving but I am not sure I would be loving it as much if I weren't training for Boston. Training makes me feel like I'm accomplishing something in the day. Even if it is sometimes difficult. Nothing worth doing is ever easy right?

I suppose I have a golden child then :)

1) mr. d is always eating this amazing looking food so I finally decided to make an amazing looking lunch for myself even if I didn't get to eat it till 4. Egg, chicken, tricolor beans, tomatoes, spinach mmm.

2) my boy is getting so big! Already on his third pair of stride rite shoes in six months... I looked at him today and really wondered if he was ever really as small as he looks in pictures. It seems like such a long time ago that it could have been a dream that he was a little baby in my belly at any point.

3) I've finally decided to embrace my curly hair after fighting it for over a decade. What with working a sweat six days a week and not having any time to myself, I have just accepted I will only try to straighten my hair for church on Sundays, my rest day. And let's be honest, as time goes by I am only going to have less time to myself and as anyone who knows me well enough knows, If I have two spare hours I would prefer to spend an hour fifty five minutes working out and get a five minute shower than to spend an hour on my hair knowing it will only look that way 24 hours tops.

Over and out.


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Sarah said...

you are a babe. enough said. rock those gorgeous curls!

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