Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Reason #5328 why I love living with my parents

My mom brings this home to me :) I've never been happier to see butt paste after all the diaper rash we've gone through the last few days!! Thanks, mom!!!

Also my little guy had not one but two play dates today, and the sixty degree weather was perfect for doing some swinging too!! Hopefully it holds up for a few more days because being cooped up in the winter is not little d's cup of tea.

He still has a bit of an issue with hitting and pushing other kids (or animals, of his parents) but I'm hoping the more positive reinforcement in play dates the better. We'll see how log it takes, since I've been trying to get him to stop hitting for the last six months... At least the kicking has gone down considerably. He really is a sweet boy and is always willing to show love when you remind him to be gentle (usually in the form of a kiss or pat on the head) but he's just at a really impulsive stage right now. :)

Something else that's been on my mind lately since I have a friend who is pregnant with her first and recently sent me an audio of her baby's heartbeat... Is how quickly time is going by. I really do feel like it was not so long ago that I sat, giddy, blogging about my first listen to little d's heartbeat for the first time because it was incredible. Absolutely amazing that my body could be growing and caring for someone so small and yet so perfectly created. And now he's here and he is a real person and he talks with me and he is my best little buddy and I take him with me everywhere like he's an accessory going out of style.

And much like naomi ( around Christmastime, I find myself echoing the same sentiment. That is, as I chase him down blick's hallways and he's clutching a handful of holiday stickers, squealing in delight as I try to snatch them out of his hands before he runs out the front door, my mind is screaming for him to just STOP going 100 miles an hour. But my heart is pleading for this time in my life to stop for just an extra minute or three. He is too perfect at 18 months for me to wish him any older. I looooove this stage of life and his adoration of me only increases my desire to stop time and keep him just like this for a little longer. I suppose that is a huge reason why I take so many pictures, because I am afraid of looking away for a moment and then he'll be completely different.

I miss mr. D. Weekdays I look forward to the weekends so that I can see him, hold him again and remind myself that he is still here and he is still real. This intense travel will be something I look forward to being over, but then again not because then it will be spring and only a few short months later, my baby will be 2 which is pretty officially no longer a baby.

I am so blessed. And even though I miss being with my husband four days a week, I LOVE that I can look at my son and see his daddy's baby blue eyes, blonde hair, and stinky feet :)

Thank you, mr. D, love of my life, for taking this job so I can take part in the job I wanted so badly for 10 long months. I don't tell you enough how proud I (we) are of what you're doing for our little family.



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