Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mr. D's belated birthday festivities

Was it really two weekends ago? It was. This past week with Mr. D home and commuting has been heaven and has made my life feel much more normal for at least a week... he related it to spring break  [you know, just a few weeks before summer vacation] and it has been such a welcome break. 

Not like the last few months haven't been awesome since my parents help me out with dishwashing, laundry, babysitting, buying groceries and baby clothes, and about a million other things I am sure will shock me once it no longer magically happens. I have been so spoiled :)
Speaking of spoiled, to start of Mr. D's birthday weekend we were originally going to go to Cheesecake Factory for some avocado eggrolls... too bad a 90 minute wait doesn't mesh well with a hungry toddler. But we went to another restaurant that was equally yummy and had some to-die for gumbo. We both decided if we ever go back there, we are just getting a heaping helping of gumbo.
Fitting I passed this sign on February 15th, huh?
For part of little d's present he found a ceramic football magnet to paint while I helped make other other bomb present.

And I sent out for Aunt Michelle's Muffin to it! muffins... Nutella, s'mores and banana PB chocolate chip. I think s'mores may be my new favorite!!! Seriously heaven. 
And so perfectly intact after a trip across the country. :)
And I got these cute little faux canvases at wa!mart photo... who knew they would turn out so cute?
The one below was even "flagged" because they thought it was a professionally done photo. Way to photograph, Keely!!
I cleaned our cars (I always try to think of something inexpensive to do).  His car took 15 minutes, mine took 45. So I suppose it wasn't really doing him a favor aside from un-pigsty-ing my own car, which I should have done months ago.
Made some oreo chocolate chip cookies... wow are they good. Just imagine how good each of them are individually, add it together and multiply it by infinity.
So so good. (although I have learned my lesson to use smaller amounts of cookie dough)
Almost as good as pinterest. Go ahead, pin it. :)
The cooking piece de resistance... crushed oreos baked in vanilla cake with nutella as frosting.
Oh. Yes. I. Did.
The birthday setup for when he came home at midnight (I had to hide most of it in the morning since a little someone kept thinking the gifts were for him and another little someone kept jumping on the cake to smell it... I'll let you guess who was who.
Mr. D even made a little tie of his up for little d as thank you. :)
And we had a dinner of italian chicken and caprices mmm
...Oh, right on the plate little d made. :) He keeps putting his hands on the plate and saying "wow!"
What a funny little guy. And I think the Mr. liked it too!
All in all a wonderful weekend. Hopefully we made it a little special for our Boss man!


Have Your Way said...

WOW your desserts are making me SOO hungry!!! YUM!

anna. said...

oh my goodness. so many delicious kinds of food! love little d and his ridic painting skills ( :

Sarah said...

yummmmmmmmmmmmm!! next time: REESE'S CAKE. (:

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