Monday, February 06, 2012

Marathon Monday: Week 9

10 weeks to go... we are almost in single digits which means it is the perfect time to panic. [We're lost, Andy's gone...]
total miles this week: 24
Yes it does.
Mon-3 miles TM run [33 min], 30 min weights
Tues-30 min sitting bike, 3 mile TM run [33 min]
Weds-10 miles TM run [100 mins], and 10 mins "ice" bath followed by foam rolling.
*confession* I take a nap post-every long run, just like I do after every half marathon... no nap this week so I think that put me in a little funk, because let's be honest, I never recover from missed naps. More on my recent bout of insomnia later.
Thurs-Run 4 miles TM [46 mins], 40 mins elliptical
Fri-Run 7 miles TM [71 mins], 30 mins yoga

Something that I have always had the luxury of enjoying is a plethora of races in Utah before a big race. Here in Ohio, not so much. There is only one race I can run before the Boston, and it is $35!! I have paid that much for half marathons, and I will NOT be caught paying that much for a 5k that will be over in less than 30 minutes. So that leaves me unraced before race day, which makes me a little nervous, but that is why I have started to throw fartleks into my running mix, but it's just not the same.

I have come a long way from my first half marathon back in 2009... I was not able to eat or drink right before, during or after a run. Aside from talking, doing anything else while running was just about impossible.

NOW I can eat an entire meal while running, drink upwards of an entire waterbottle within 30 minutes of running, push a stroller, sing a couple dozen primary/nursery songs, and feed a child in the stroller while running.

Pretty impressive, no?
And luckily for me, the weather has been divine this week. Not good enough for running together but walking to the grocery store for some $1 blackberries? Oh yeah.


Have Your Way said...

GIRL!! That is impressive!!! I tried to drink water the other day when I was running and I almost choked!! haha I havent tried eating anything yet(nervous) but we shall see what happens soon. I am moving up in the miles!! We need to plan a running date SOON!! <3

Sarah said...

troy story references <3

anna. said...

seriously LOLed at the perfect time to panic. best movie ever.

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