Monday, February 27, 2012

Marathon Monday week 12

28 miles this week... 7 weeks to go. dun dun dunnnn.
Mon- 5 mile TM run (57 min), 30 min weights

Tues- 20 mins rowing, 40 mins elliptical, 50 mins Pilates (have I mentioned it has been about 3 years since I have been to a pilates or yoga class that has actually been challenging? I was the youngest person by at least 30 years in that class and I sorely miss pilates pulse and power yoga classes!)

Weds-12 miles run in 2 hours (10 miles on TM in 1:40, 2 miles in the BOB in 20 mins)

Thurs- 60 elliptical, 30 min weights

Fri- 5 miles TM run (50 min), Yoga (45 minutes was all I could take of that class... I am too impatient for glorified stretching!)

Sat- 6 miles TM (60 mins)

The good thing about this week is even though I was a mile shy of what my training plan called for, this week is my cushion week, meaning I had 19 weeks to train for only 18 weeks of planned training, in case I got hurt or sick which knock on wood I did not. This works out well for me because I am just repeating this past week THIS week, and next week I will be set and on schedule for the most grueling month of my life!! :)

The best part of the run: little hands sticking out demanding snacks. Too funny.
Not so favorite part of the run? I'll give you a small sampling:
 But at least he isn't crying like he did a few months ago :)
Aaaand his reward for being awesome during the BOB portion of the run:

 Post run meal of champions: POM, supercarbs and cocoa.
 Also I think these two memes sum up my life very well... mostly the second to last picture of both.

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Sarah said...

eeeeeeek getting so so so close!! even though i <3 yoga...i guess you don't have to. (:

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