Monday, February 13, 2012

Marathon Monday week 10

9 weeks till go time! Hard to believe I have more weeks done than I have left... exciting but sad at the same time. I love training for races. Even if it does make me more ravenous than while pregnant and nursing combined [not that I am either at the moment, even if I am eating like I am!]

Mon-40 min TM run [4 mi], 10 min core
Tues-40 min elliptical, 40 min free weights
Weds-15 miles on TM... 2 hours 43 mins. Starting to wonder if I am capable of an ice bath longer than 15 minutes.
Thurs- 60 elliptical, 20 mins row machine [alternated 15:5 mins each]. Felt REALLY good!!
Fri- Run 3 mi TM [36 mins with 6 incline...gotta get ready for some heartbreak hills!]
Sat-7 miles [74 mins] TM run at an incline [4.0-6.0], plus 30 minutes free weights.

Not to mention all the training makes me really tired all the time. Except for the weekends when Mr. D can let me sleep in :) Last week I was seriously considering upgrading this guy in for a more sleep-accepting model, but when he grins like that with those baby blues I take it all back and want to hug and kiss that cute face foreverrrr. Also, have you SEEN molars come in?? I thought growing regular teeth was disgusting enough but when little d opens his mouth and I see those huge honking things tearing through his gumline, it makes it hard not to cry!

Also, thank you for getting those in BEFORE the marathon. The more teeth we get in, the better behaved you can be for your grandparents so mommy can get a lot of sleep and massages after running 26.2 miles!

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Sarah said...

Okay, I'm just going to get it out now - I am TOTALLY going to copy you (and give credit, of course) with your Marathon Monday idea - - genius way to keep track/keep a record of it on your blog/share with others/get motivation from others/keep yourself responsible to the blogging world. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK I will be joining you in training on Monday!!! (: (: (:

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