Tuesday, February 28, 2012

life lately

Just to prove that we do do some things outside of running together, going to the gym, visiting family and friends, and terrorizing the cat. Like play in oatmeal boxes:
 Doing the Tom Brady... "you want me to throw that to him?"
 Snuggling with our new Mickey Mouse blanket from cousin Benjamin while watching the house of Mouse when "brrr [its] cold," as little d says every morning.
 although this is my favorite watching position (I promise I only ever let him watch TV when I need to foam roll or make food...also, it happens to be the only time I can take a picture of him without it being completely blurred!)
 Kevs borrows little d's scarf when the frigid Kron air gets to be too chilly for his liking.
 Then while Mr. D is home... this happens. So... not my fault.
 When he's with me he is just gangstah. Or in onesies so I can oggle his chunky legs.
 All in all.. life has been good. We are only months away from having a place to call our own but in the meantime we are having a great time hanging out with Abbie and Grandpa and Daddoo.


anna. said...

hah oh his legs. and i seriously love those dinosaur pj's.

Sarah said...

fdjsaklfjsklafjsdl SO CUTE I CAN'T HANDLE IT are there ever any bad pictures of him?? he always looks so PERFECT! must be his carrera genes.. (;

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