Tuesday, February 14, 2012

be mine

It is a strange thing to me to think that I have spent all but one Valentine's day with Mr. D since high school. Two if you count this year. Here's how my pre-Mr. D arrival Friday night looked:
Lots of Strawberries... you can never have enough. Also a SECRET!!
For those of you like me who cannot seem to make chocolate candy without burning the batch... 
You microwave it in a tray and it is good for dipping for about 40 minutes! Completely idiot proof!!
[I only know because I tried it myself]
And you know little d was oodles of help by eating applesauce and not getting into the chocolate.
Oh and getting some love from his favorite brother of course :)
Saturday looked a little like this, 
with Mr. D making a heart shape out of pineapple in our chicken pineapple pizza...
 little d played with the avocado pit while
 I put some serious avocado to that pizza. Does everything with avocado taste better??
Don't answer that. I don't want to know.
 Polished off with an early bedtime for the little guy, 
and our first "not dollar theater" movie in ages. :)
And Sunday's crepe making extravaganza. My very first attempt [thanks for the recipe Surah!].
 The spread: farmer's market raspberry jam, butter [duh!], crepes and chocolate covered strawberries with blackberries on the side. And of course my sou chef little d, who is getting quite adept at putting on orajel while helping me flip over crepes and reminding me to be careful since that pan is "hhhhhot!'
Tomorrow is Mr. D's birthday. Yup, the day after Valentine's. So while most girls get to sit back and relax  on this day, I spend it plotting how awesome his gifts have to be to equal all his giftgiving from my birthday, christmas, and then valentine's combined. Never an easy feat. But I always look forward to it since no matter how terrible or useless the gifts I get for him are, or how lumpy his cake is, he is always really appreciative.

Little d and I have a busy day today: babysitting, valentine's playdate party, 18 month checkup, dropping off valentines, and hopefully going out to get some dinner--just the two of us. We'll see how he is doing but if the 1-year checkup was any indication, it will probably be a rough day for the both of us and I'm okay with that. We had a wonderful weekend full of our traditional heart shapes pizzas that were a huge hit [don't knock cookie cutters they are ingenious].
 Yup all I used was Bisquick! Easiest little pizzas, so we decided to make a second batch of poppers in the cupcake tins... brilliant! We will be doing that again soon.
 Of course a few heart shaped brownies for sharing...
Because Mr. D has [unknowingly] gifted me the best valentine he could... his work next week is only an hour commute! That means no drop off at the airport, no late Friday night pickup, and best of all... I actually get to see him for a few hours each day! I literally could not ask for a better gift. And while we spent this past weekend "celebrating" valentines, this upcoming weekend [and following week!] we will be celebrating our Mr. D and what an incredible part of our family he is.
We're off to share a little love today... and our message to our Mr. D? Be mine, Valentine!
See you real soon....


anna. said...

hah i love how everything is heart shaped.

Sarah said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm <3 <3 <3

Sarah said...

PS what movie did you see?!

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