Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Another miraculously good (and much needed) night.

Terrified he would have a terrible night following the one night wonder, when I put little d down for the night, I went right to bed.

At 7:45. Pm.

Although I woke up at least 4 times in a stupor thinking "why isn't he awake right now?" I went right back to bed each time, and we both got up for the day at 7:45am.

Unfortunately it has wrecked havoc on his naps that have been under an hour both days, but I'm thrilled my bug is finally getting a good nights sleep. Even if it doesn't leave me much time for doing anything in the day.... I suppose I don't need 12 hours of sleep every night though, right?? :)

Thank you little d. The rest of my life I will remember this as the week I finally got sleep. There may be hope for a sibling after all.


Have Your Way said...

I LOVED it in college when I got a million hours of sleep..but then my roomies thought I would CRAZY!! haha

YAY Im so glad he is getting his sleep schedule kinda in control!!

Sarah said...

why is he SOO CUTEEEEE i just want to squeeze his perfect little cheeks...i feel like a creepy old lady saying that but you know what i mean!

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