Sunday, February 19, 2012

19 months

I'm not sure why but it seems that every month-day and every Sunday little d likes to wake up ridiculously early. Today happened to fall on both and guess who woke up At 3am to celebrate?

Some recent phrases and words lately:
Mai- mommy (lazy version)
Dai -daddy (also lazy version since he can say mama dada daddy and mommy)
Abbie-Astrid (my mom)
Dah dooo- daniel
Bah pah- grandpa
Dez- kevs
Baby- anything small
Eee mote- remote (usually for watching a certain mouse of the Mickey variety)

Was dis?- what's this?
Ol dis- hold this
Oh me- hold me
Ole miss- oh I missed (usually in reference to a missed shot or not caught football)
Dis Mai!- that's mine

So if you can't tell by now our little charmer has once again tanked in the sleeping department so we have been back to two naps until he decides to sleep in till at least 6 and/or nap longer than an hour. But other than the sleeping he is a darling talented and very skilled little boy. His dribbling, shooting, passing, hitting, throwing has all vastly improved and he is finally starting to behave around babies ...sometimes.

His favorite thing to tell me about after we go to the gym is "Mai... Baybee eentooh (gentle)" and I think by making everything little "baby" to him, it has endeared the term to him.

Also the offering of "baby donuts" much more appealing to a toddler than Cheerios. Go ahead and try it.

The transition of 18 to 19 month old has come with a HUGE amount of affection toward the Kevs. The two of the interacting usually involves little d running up to Kevin and throwing himself on the poor cat in a forceful embrace, as he lets out an "awww dez" until Kevin realizes what is happening then twists, contorts, whacks little d on the head and chews on his hair till he is released. Immediately upon release, little d goes in for yet another hug but usually kevs has learned his lesson by round two (sometimes not till 3 or 4) and hides behind the couch. Ah brotherly love.


anna. said...

i miss when daniel used to ask us to "hold you?" that was my favorite.

Sarah said...

Aweeeeeeeee 2nd to Anna's comment. Slash you forgot Abi for Grandma! Unless he's been doing that for awhile now.

Just love brothers (:

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