Monday, January 30, 2012

Marathon Monday: Week 8 Boston Training

11 weeks to go!!

Someone's excited that we are nearing the halfway point of my training!

total miles this week: 25

Mon- 3 miles TM [31 min], 45 min "muscle madness" class
Tues- 60 mins elliptical
Weds- 13 miles run [breakdown: 5.3 miles TM in 60 mins, 5.3 miles TM in 55, run outside 2.7 miles], half hour of foam rolling and 13 mins in "ice" bath... actually felt pretty good! Also, burning 1000+ calories calls for brownie[s]. YES.
Thurs- 55 mins yoga. Felt good but wanted to take it easy just in case.
Fri- 3 mile TM run [28 min] fartlek and incline, 55 min yoga class [that's twice this week!!]
Sat- 6 mile TM run [78 mins].
Sun- Rest.

At this point, the majority of my running in 2012 has been on a treadmill. I know that isn't the best and do try to get outside when the weather is nice, but I have this little rule that I only take little d out in the BOB if it is at least 45 degrees outside, which it is looking like I may luck out this week and get on Wednesday!

I know a lot of people are complaining about the lack of snow this year... not me. I am all for global warming as long as it keeps the snow [and ice!] away. I don't mind running in the cold, but let's be honest,  the last runs I had outside were in Boston when I didn't have a gym pass. It is just too darn convenient to use the gym childcare [which little d now LOVES going to!] and get a "free" two hour pass to workout, which I try to take advantage of at least a good 70-90 mins, anyhow.

Everyone who has asked me about my training to this point has received this answer: good! But with a catch.. up to this point I have essentially trained for and run a half marathon. In 8 weeks. Did I mention that I trained for almost a year before running my first half marathon?? Oh, how the times have changed. From here on out, it's go time and I am going to be running distances I have only read about up to this point.

19 weeks to a marathon baby. Did you know training for a marathon is SO similar to having a baby?? It is. It sucks up all your time, makes you tired, hungry ALL the time, and even a little bit irritable at times. Your body hurts in places you never thought it would but the end result is a once in a lifetime experience. I am loving the experience of training for a marathon though, much more than I did training for a baby. Could be something about being able to stretch and touch my toes almost halfway in that seals the deal for me...

Makes me wonder, though. How cool would it be to go through the rigors of marathon training for the end result of a baby [as opposed to gaining 50 pounds in pregnancy]?? I'd be game for like 10 babies but then again, can you imagine if it only took 18 weeks to have a baby? That would be a crazy short period of time to prep to be a parent. Not like I felt any more ready at 9 months than I did at 6 weeks pregnant, but you get my gist.

Unless you've never been pregnant. Or never trained for a marathon.

In which case... the former is a beyond amazing experience, aside from all the complaining I do, it really is 110% worth the little kiddo that develops, and if you don't believe me then wait 18 months till he/she becomes a total chatterbox racing circles around you and I dare you to tell me that's not the most entertaining job in the world. And as for the marathon? We shall have to wait and see. But if it's anything like I have heard/read about it will blow my mind. Which is what people told me about having a baby. And it was true.


Rachelle Wardle said...

Great job with the marathon training Ruth. I am proud of you and although you will not get a baby out of the training it will be worth it.

Stefanie D. said...

I'm kind of starting to love my Yoga session more and more now! Great job on your training!

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

Love your analogy for comparing marathon training to having a are hilarious! ELEVEN WEEKS!! Girl, you are rocking your training and brownies are a must for marathon training:)

Julia said...

girl you are rocking it!!! so proud of you and excited for you! and brownies yum. thats why i run...did i ever truly mention that!?! haha.

cassidy Merrill said...

Get it girl! You are doing amazing! You are inspiring me to do yoga and rolling! I do neither and my body is feeling it! Ughhh!

anna. said...

can't wait to book my flighttt to bostonnn.

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