Sunday, January 08, 2012

Dani makes the best banana bread everrr

Who is Dani, you may ask??
Only about the cutest sweetest girlfriend my BIL has ever had!! She came to Boston the day after we did and since her Cory was working full time we got to hang out with her. I've never met someone who got along so quickly with little d! He absolutely adored her and not only did she make us a pinterest inspired wreath and little d a fleen style monster... Not to mention she let me steal this recipe which I cannot get enough of! Love. That. Girl. Thanks again, dani!

2 mashed bananas.
1 cup sour cream. (of course I use chobani)
1/4 cup butter.
2 eggs.
1 tsp vanilla.
1 tsp baking powder.
1 tsp baking soda.
1/4 tsp salt.
1 1/3 cup sugar.
2 cups flower.
Bake @ 350 for 30-35 min

Also pictured.. The most awesome meal I have made all month: broccoli with cars macaroni and angel food cake with berries drizzled with chocolate sauce and a bit of whipped topping. Heaven.


Have Your Way said...


anna. said...

i want macaroni right now. yummm.

Sarah said...

definitely didn't know what to say at first because i thought you were saying the macaroni+angel food cake together...sounded questionable. but it looks like it turned out alright (;

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