Saturday, January 21, 2012

Boston Winter Break 2011

Everytime we come to Boston there is always a long list of things we want to do. 
First on the list is to spend time with family [duh] which we did a lot of. 
Then there are the food places: Linden Deli, Quincy Market, Fresh City, Camella's.
Then things to do, which with Mike and Cory working during the day left us with Dani to play with most days, which we took full advantage of! 
Three sets of hands for one little boy... what ever will we do when we have a second?!
Although Mr. D and I have been to just about every good touristy spot multiple times together, it is so much fun to do it with a new set of eyes [and running legs!]
We went to the Museum of Science.
 Which apparently has a playground to show the science of... levers? pendulums?
 Static electricity?
 My favorite part was this area where you could "design" your own fish. Dani, little d [both shown here] and Mr. D created theirs and they were released into the "tank" [a series of TV's] to swim around. Mr. D's and Dani's got eaten almost immediately. Little d's, which he named ":)QQQ" actually survived for quite a while. In fact, he could possibly still be alive today...
 We met up downtown with Cory [not pictured] and cousin Haley for lunch.
 Not to mention little d made good friends with Big Mike [his grandpa], and Aunti Concessa!
While in Boston, most of us had smartphones and little d knew it. He would come up to one of us [usually Mike] and say "baby", which ment he wanted to watch videos of himself that Mike had taken. Dani was a HUGE favorite, because she was always playing youtube videos for little d, especially the Mickey Mouse shows and LMFAO music videos [he loves the one with the christmas lights].
Speaking of Mr. D's dad, of course he got us into Fenway Park to look at the preparations being made for the winter hockey series, the video is here of him running [or you can watch below] around Fenway Park. I mean, how many kids can say they were not even a year and a half and got to run around inside Fenway Park's diamond, dugout, and race around the bleachers? Talk about a lucky kid!

 But we weren't out all the time... here are some of my favorite shots from the wee hours of the morning [when we were the only two awake], as well as some goofy ones before bathtime:
 ^^Showing off his "Stinky Feet"^^
 ^^OH. THOSE LEGS!!! I cannot get enough of them. I will be so sad to see that chunk go away.^^
 Playing peekaboo [with me and with the iphone, taking self-portraits!]
And when we went into Boston for New Years, finding all the horses 
[because some little guy loooves them..."neigh!"!!]
Although we did go down during naptime [like we did last year, oops] so he slept through the first hour of Faneuil Hall.
 We got a family picture in front of the Statehouse [try not to pay attention to my son's hobo glove]
 And of course we went to the zoo, because little d really likes animals!

 Even if he was yelling at most of them through the glass "BALL!" since for some reason none of them wanted to play with their toys. Must have had something to do with the freezing temps, or like this poor gorilla, he probably didn't like getting yelled at. Poor guy. And little d would have played all day in the Madagascar-like box or on the wooden horse [which try as he might never rocked like his horse back home!] but eventually we had to go home.
Two Celtics games, a Fenway visit, a Boston Common/Faneuil Hall visit, Zoo trip, Museum of Science, loads of gifts [mostly running stuff for me, more on that later!], and two 12-hour all-nighter driving trips made this an unforgettable experience. 
Thanks to my in-laws for being so accommodating and we will see you in April!!


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new running stuff?! i wanna see :D slash this looks SO FUN!! little d is such a little traveller (:

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