Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Boston marathon training week 7

12 weeks till Boston!!
27 miles run this week!! (yes I see the irony of running as many miles in a week that will have to run in one day in just over two months.. Eek!!)

Mon: 3 miles tm (33 min)... Catchup miles from last week. 30 mins rotating stairclimber
Tues: 3 miles tm (34 min), 26 min elliptical, 1 hour much needed foam rolling (while watching kardashians of course!)
Weds: 12 miles (2 hours 15 mins). See my post from Sunday.
Thurs: 60 mins elliptical, 30 min abs
Fri: 3 mile tm run (31 min), 55 min weight training (love it!!)
Sat: run 6 miles (73 mins)
Sun: rest

A good week catching up even while little d and I were a little sick and I was pretty sleep deprived. My legs were really feeling it so hopefully more ab work and weights will help my body get stronger and I will be working on fueling a bit better. And of course more foam rolling. Oh how I sing the praises of foam rolling for stretching tight muscles and soothing knots. Half marathon tomorrow here I come!


Sarah said...

yummaaaa! those noods look yummy (: GOOD LUCK ON YOUR LR!! i will be thinking of you while i run 4 of my own...CAKE compared to yours (;

Rachelle Wardle said...

Sounds like your training is going great Ruth!! I hope LR went well. :)

anna. said...

sweet potato french fries = delish.

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