Monday, January 16, 2012

Boston Marathon Training Week 6

13 weeks till Patriot's Day!

Total miles this week: 15
[was supposed to be 18 but I somehow miscalculated and forgot a 3 miler in this week!]

Mon- 40 min elliptical
Weds- 7 miles TM run [78 mins]
Thurs- 3 mile run TM [30 min] and 15 min rowing machine
Fri- 5 mile TM run [55 min]. I've been feeling really tight all week [helloooo hamstrings!] and so yoga for 55 minutes to chase down my run was a MUST!
Sat- 60 min elliptical, 30 min corework

I am going to need to work on the strength training this upcoming week, but I am happy to have gotten in a yoga class...heaven to my tight muscles [even if it did leave me more sore afterwards!].

As a side note: this week little d found his pacifier [THAT HE NEVER EVEN USED AS A BABY] and started putting it into his mouth and saying "bay-bee?" with a big goofy grin. That paci looked so big on him 18 months ago. As of this week I have an 18 month old. Wow. Red Sox Baby no longer...


Stefanie D. said...

Great job on your training! C has been starting to put her finger in her mouth...Mmmm. No. We are not doing that.

anna. said...

he's so big!

Sarah said...


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