Sunday, January 08, 2012

Boston Marathon Training Week 5

Although I follow Hal Higdon's Novice 1 training plan, I don't ever really adhere to the days it tells me to run each set of mileage. The reason for that is each week is so different! Some days are super nice or I have a lot of time and can get in the extra miles, other days...not so much. So while I have a calendar that lists out which days I should be doing each bit of mileage, I just cross off the mileage as I run it, and as long as I run the appropriate amount of miles each week, I am satisfied with that.

This week was a continuation of holiday/traveling craziness and I was SERIOUSLY missing my foam roller while in Boston... my ITBand has never been so tight!! Thankfully we are reunited and it feels so good--literally!! No idea what I did before that little blue cylinder.

TOTAL miles: 21
Mon- Rest
Tues- Rest
Weds- Rest [yup, you are witnessing my longest laziness streak since I gave birth!!]
Thurs- 5 mile run outside [54 min]... last one here until April!
Fri- 3 mile TM run [34 min], 30 min sitting bike
Sat- 15 minute abs class and 10 miles run in 1 hour and 42 minutes... this is interesting trying to do "on my own" with a toddler: It broke down to 2 miles running outside with little d and the BOB, then off to the gym for 5 miles run on the TM before the abs class, and 3 miles after. What would I do without the 2-hour childcare allotment?! It has definitely proved to be WELL worth the $15 a month!! And similar to last week, my LR was followed by an ice bath*, soaking for one minute per mile I ran. And LOTS of foam rolling!! [followed by a two hour nap... LR's are exhausting!]
Sun- 3 mile run outside

*I have NEVER been a fan of the ice bath. The only way I have been able to tolerate it for the last two weeks [and it works for me so I will continue to do it!] is to fill the tub about half-full with ice-cold water. I slowly work my way in the tub, and before I sit with my back to the faucet, I turn on the faucet as hot as I can get it. So for a few minutes my lower half may be frozen but my head, shoulders, and arms are immersed in hot water so it finally becomes tolerable after just a bit.


ashley & sundance said...

ugh... i can't stand ice baths. I've done them a few times... but they just kill me.

I'm so excited for you to run Boston. I still think your hubby is the for getting you in!

anna. said...

i will never ice bath. ever. WAY TOO COLD.

theWife said...

I am so excited for Boston!!! By the way, you are WAY HOTTER after a run than I ever am!

Sarah said...

smart idea for ice baths! if i ever get to bathe in a bathtub again before my marathon i am definitely doing that (:

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