Sunday, January 15, 2012

365 Love Letters to little d: Week 2

First week of training for Mr. D. 15 to go, but I'm not complaining. Little d and I have gotten some good bonding time in. Just remembering about how sad the unemployed Mr. D was makes me that much more grateful for the job he has now.
Have I mentioned that we are SO proud of him???
For the sake of consistency, and because it was starting to bother me a bit, 
I decided to make all my pictures square 
[yeah it was a pain to edit but I have thought about it all week!]


MrsQ said...

Ah, all of these are awesome, but I love the last one! lol

Rachelle Wardle said...

LOVE! He is so cute.

Stefanie D. said...

Love love love.

anna. said...

love. this. project.

reminds me of postsecret ( :

Sarah said...

SO CUTE!! ps i don't know if you want to change this: but i think for #14 you meant to say "nothing warms my heart MORE than"

just love either way (:

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