Thursday, January 19, 2012

18 months of little d

I know how cliche it is to say... but time goes by SOFAST when you have a baby. And I no longer have a baby! I have a full blown, running, talking toddler on my hands who gets into EVERYTHING and is about as vain as it gets. Usually the only way I can get him to smile during pictures is if I face my iphone so he can see himself. Hence the cheesy grin.


 Oh does he love to look at himself, watch videos of himself, etc. I don't think he has quite mastered the understanding of self but he is getting there. He is a smart kiddo. Even if he does do stuff like this:
 He will also probably grow up with a paparazzo complex. But I am ok with that, because even when people make fun of me for taking "too many" pictures of little d, I have never once looked in my photo albums and regretted taking so many. Mr. D can tell you I am not too keen on remembering things, and pictures help to jog my memory. Like this one from our ride to Boston, little d watching Mickey while eating his "bears" and holding his puppy. Priceless.
 This whole forward facing carseat [thanks, Mr. D!] has given little d a much better view of the world. He LOVES watching police cars of fire trucks go by and always asks for "more! more!" when they are gone. He also jabbers nonstop while we are in the car, mostly things I cannot understand at all, but I try and converse with him and overall it keeps him happy in the car, which is something he never really was before.
Does little d love his daddy? Our conversation the first day Mr. D was out of town for work...
Me: "good morning, mister!"
Him: "hi"
Me: "did you have any good dreams last night?"
Him: "Yeah."
Me: "What did you dream about?"
Him: "Ball."
Me: "Who were you playing ball with?"
Him: "Dada. Dada. Dada!"
And on and on like that until I took him to our room and tried to explain that dad was at work, although that couldn't keep him from tearing through the covers of our bed looking for his beloved dada.

On occasion he will ask me "dada?" and run to the front door or look around and I explain to him where dad is and that he will be back real soon. And for some reason [and I am not sure why I find this so funny] he will take a deep breath and call out in his loudest voice, "Droo-oooo!" Poor thing. Last week was so rough on him but this week has been much better. Every time he picks up the phone he will put it to his ear and say, "Hey-yo? Dada? Dah-deee?" and it just about makes my heart explode.

It is an adjustment, but one we are happy to make and we are grateful that Mr. D has this job that we were praying for months for. It's funny how things work out in their own time  and for all the right reasons.
 Around the house, little d is also trying to imitate just about anything I do. He puts on deoderant, chapstick, brushes his teeth and even tried cleaning his own bottom with a baby wipe. He helps me clean up messes, whip up smoothies, and brush my hair.
 He still has an insatiable appetite for love from all things Kevs. Kevin is the only one he always tries to hug the moment he sees him and cannot get enough of him. Like I have mentioned before, little d loves animals, animal noises, and also stickers. More than once I have seen Kevin eating something that I later found out was a sticker placed on him by a certain someone little. In this shot little d is giving Kevs a high five [aside from hugging and kissing, his favorite thing to do with animals!] for drinking out of the tub, something they are always competing for come 7:30.
The trip to Boston was well-timed. We were able to let little d "cry it out" for a few nights, once again re-re-re-sleep training him [I think this was our third go at it?] so he sleeps roughly/consistently from 8pm to 6am and we have finally nailed the one nap thing. I think for the next go around, if baby is waking up too early while sleeping through the night, I will take that as my cue to go down to one nap because that is what we ended up doing anyway [I cannot believe what a long process that is, from two naps to one!!] and now he sleeps about 10-11 hours a night with a good 2 hour nap midday. Thank. Goodness.

Big Kid has his top molars all in for now, and is working on a 4th bottom tooth. It makes me sad to think that in the time he gets all of his teeth we will probably be into baby d version 2.0 [stole that from Naomi] and my sleep will once again suffer. I am pretty sure Mr. D has known this since the first time he woke me up from a Sunday nap, but I am really sensitive when it comes to my sleep. Like I really need a good night's rest and if not then some serious napping. Having a baby has changed all that but I initially had the understanding that 4-6 months were going to be sleep-deprived and then he would sleep through the night. I am bracing myself for the next go-around already by just accepting that 12-18 months is my new window for sleep. After which I will probably be pregnant again [maybe?] and the cycle will repeat itself once more... more on that and thoughts on more babies later.
Little d is a gem. He is so freaking adorable it takes all my willpower not to squeeze the cuteness out of his body like 24/7. I wish I could make time stop right now and he could be my little crazy toddler forever. I loathe the thought of him turning into a video-game playing teenager. LOATHE.

Anyways, like I was saying, right now he is PERFECT. He says "Water" with the most perfect annunciation way it takes my breath away. Then you ask him to say orange or green and he responds with a mouthful of jibberish. Babies are funny that way.

Other things I never want to forget about 18 month old little d: high fiving, STILL obsessed with balls [but getting more pro at throwing and catching and kicking them] and "hoops" [basketball], "ball-ball" is probably the most overused word in his vocabulary [any kind of string or dirt], and he is just the most lovable thing on this planet.

Too much mush? Maybe I'm a little sentimental these days, thinking about the inevitable upcoming #2 seeing as how my baby is no longer baby at all. Also, 12 miles of running really brings emotion to the
surface. Also more on that later.


K. S. Powers said...

Adorable! Just think of how extra-cute the pictures will be once there are 2 kiddos in them! :)

Sarah said...

oh my goshhhhhh i LOVE the little D stories about drew!! SO CUTE. those are the kinds of things you definitely want to put on the blog + all the pictures you do because those will bring back the best memories of all (:

anna. said...

he is SOCUTE.

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