Sunday, January 22, 2012

12 mile adventure

I never thought it was going to be difficult to train for a marathon after having a child... little did I know! Here's an example of the craziness involved in getting in a 12 mile run this past Wednesday [my new long run day, so I can be partially incapacitated for a day when Mr. D is not around, since I only get to see him on weekends]. I can't imagine what it is going to be when I have to run 20! I guess we will have to see in a few weeks.

6:55 am Little d [therefore I] wake up, play in my room until the chorus of "eat! eat! eat!" brings me down for breakfast.

7:30 am breakfast...smoothie time! Change clothes, make a mess of toys then clean the mess of toys we played with.

8:55 am Drive to the gym, drop off little d at childcare.

10:10 am Tackled 6 miles. Feel like death. Legs feel like lead. Start over TM.

11:15 am Four more miles done but soooo sore and very slow. Maybe need Shot Blocks with Caffeine?! Pick up little d from childcare, drive home.

11:30 am Run the last two miles from my house while mom watches little d for half an hour. My slowest two miles but outside they felt so good in the freezing cold.

12:00 pm Feed little d lunch, eat whatever he doesn't

12:30 pm Put little d to bed, [dun dun dunnnn] ice bath for 12 minutes.

12:45 pm Lukewarm shower. I hate lukewarm showers but I've learned from experience that my beloved scalding hot showers have no place post-ice bath.

12: 50 pm Collapse into bed for an hour till little d wakes up from his nap.
Talk about EXHAUSTING. I've decided my long run days [Wednesday for now] are the only days of the week I am allowed to wear sweats all day if I so desire. And I did. Its a good thing I am not working full time as well as training for a marathon, I don't know how people do that. Now about that 20 miler I have to tackle in a couple of weeks...


Sarah said...

LOVE that picture hahaha what a crazy huge head of hair!! so fun to sculpt though (: way to get your LRs in!! SO PROUD OF YOU

anna. said...

psh. i would wear sweats every day if i could.

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