Monday, January 30, 2012

Marathon Monday: Week 8 Boston Training

11 weeks to go!!

Someone's excited that we are nearing the halfway point of my training!

total miles this week: 25

Mon- 3 miles TM [31 min], 45 min "muscle madness" class
Tues- 60 mins elliptical
Weds- 13 miles run [breakdown: 5.3 miles TM in 60 mins, 5.3 miles TM in 55, run outside 2.7 miles], half hour of foam rolling and 13 mins in "ice" bath... actually felt pretty good! Also, burning 1000+ calories calls for brownie[s]. YES.
Thurs- 55 mins yoga. Felt good but wanted to take it easy just in case.
Fri- 3 mile TM run [28 min] fartlek and incline, 55 min yoga class [that's twice this week!!]
Sat- 6 mile TM run [78 mins].
Sun- Rest.

At this point, the majority of my running in 2012 has been on a treadmill. I know that isn't the best and do try to get outside when the weather is nice, but I have this little rule that I only take little d out in the BOB if it is at least 45 degrees outside, which it is looking like I may luck out this week and get on Wednesday!

I know a lot of people are complaining about the lack of snow this year... not me. I am all for global warming as long as it keeps the snow [and ice!] away. I don't mind running in the cold, but let's be honest,  the last runs I had outside were in Boston when I didn't have a gym pass. It is just too darn convenient to use the gym childcare [which little d now LOVES going to!] and get a "free" two hour pass to workout, which I try to take advantage of at least a good 70-90 mins, anyhow.

Everyone who has asked me about my training to this point has received this answer: good! But with a catch.. up to this point I have essentially trained for and run a half marathon. In 8 weeks. Did I mention that I trained for almost a year before running my first half marathon?? Oh, how the times have changed. From here on out, it's go time and I am going to be running distances I have only read about up to this point.

19 weeks to a marathon baby. Did you know training for a marathon is SO similar to having a baby?? It is. It sucks up all your time, makes you tired, hungry ALL the time, and even a little bit irritable at times. Your body hurts in places you never thought it would but the end result is a once in a lifetime experience. I am loving the experience of training for a marathon though, much more than I did training for a baby. Could be something about being able to stretch and touch my toes almost halfway in that seals the deal for me...

Makes me wonder, though. How cool would it be to go through the rigors of marathon training for the end result of a baby [as opposed to gaining 50 pounds in pregnancy]?? I'd be game for like 10 babies but then again, can you imagine if it only took 18 weeks to have a baby? That would be a crazy short period of time to prep to be a parent. Not like I felt any more ready at 9 months than I did at 6 weeks pregnant, but you get my gist.

Unless you've never been pregnant. Or never trained for a marathon.

In which case... the former is a beyond amazing experience, aside from all the complaining I do, it really is 110% worth the little kiddo that develops, and if you don't believe me then wait 18 months till he/she becomes a total chatterbox racing circles around you and I dare you to tell me that's not the most entertaining job in the world. And as for the marathon? We shall have to wait and see. But if it's anything like I have heard/read about it will blow my mind. Which is what people told me about having a baby. And it was true.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Love Letters to little d: week 4

Channeling my inner Paula Deen

Bacon? Check.
Butter loaded German pancake? Check.

And I think those BYU luaus are to blame for my correlation of bacon with pineapple...

Happy Sunday

Friday, January 27, 2012

"all the single ladies"

beyonce's song keeps coming to mind when I see this pic.
on another note, we are THRILLED to have Mr. D home again tonight so we can start snuggling with him and not his sweatshirt.
 and of course so our laser cat can take his designated protest post for the weekend:
speaking of laser cats...

I have never been more excited for the weekend! 3 weeks down, 13 [or less] to go!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

my 18 month post-baby body

I know this blog is mostly about a certain blonde haired, blue eyed hunk and his dad, but it's also a record for me so that I can remember the way things are at this time in my life. The facts, if you will, since time has a way of distorting the truth the farther away it is. And I want to make sure that I keep a realistic perspective. 

This post has nothing to do with who I am as a mother, wife, person, whatever. It is just the way my body is at this point in my life, which I really do love seeing/I am fascinated by the changes in my body over time [remember my pregnancy? duh.].

When I blogged about my 9 month post-baby body with this post and this post, it was with the hope that within the next few months I could look like this or this girl, both of whom I admire greatly for their bombdotcom postnatal bodies. But truth be told, I am not perfect and it did not happen.

And eating an entire box of Swiss Rolls [my favorite weekend hobby though half of my 20's] is apparently no longer an option since it now gives me a food baby. You are what you eat, right?
Not positive, but I am pretty sure that if one serving is a D+ then a whole box is probably an F-. Boo hiss. Enough complaining.

So let's start off with the least-scary stuff, shall we?
Muscles. I finally got them back after 18 months. My arms and legs are muscled up to my satisfaction thanks to a decent amount of weight lifting [daily, courtesy of little "hold me hold me" d] and obviously a whole lot of running.
Now down to the nitty-gritty. Most anyone can look at a immediate post-baby pic vs. how they look now and they will probably look pretty good by comparison. And I did. But now I am focused on improving from my 9-month pp body, which I am not quite back to again. It happens. A little sad, but true. 

At 9 months pp I was thinner than I am now, mostly because I had just finished nursing a week or so before and let me tell you, that kind of calorie burning was pretty awesome and over the last 9 months I learned that you cannot expect to keep eating as much as you did while breastfeeding and stay the same weight. Shocker, I know.

I could make excuses all day long that there was a stressful move, job-hunting, lack of sleep, holidays, etc between the right picture and the left, but they would be just that: excuses. It boils down to I ate too much food that was not proper fuel for me, and gained about 10 pounds last year after losing "all" the baby weight [for, like a day]. No, I am not proud of it but I have never stopped working on it.
As of 2012, I have finally started to eat a little better [and NOT 4000 calories a day like some sumo wrestler] and am happy to say that while I still have about 5 pounds to go [just like I did at 9 months], I have a better attitude about it and I love my body so much more right now. First off, the difference in my chest now is noticeable, I am THRILLED that my girls have returned to at least half their former glory.

Secondly, while my stomach is a little thicker now, it has less skin and more muscle [even if you can't see it, I can feel it!] than I did at 9 months. I think back to the first three to six months after having little d, and I was TERRIFIED to do any abdominal work that hurt in the slightest bit, since I was so scared I would tear open [which I now know for a FACT is a legitimate concern, since it does happen!!]. The last few months it has felt SO good to "feel the burn" doing crunches, pilates, what have you.
See? There are some abdominal muscles hiding out in there!
Now for the scary parts. If you don't want to see a lot of [tummy] skin, avert your eyes or stop reading till tomorrow. While my formerly flat tummy is still a little lumpy, it has come a long way from what it was before [the first pic is all just skin and fat, no muscle in that tummy whatsoever!]
and now: [a whole lot less skin, a little less fat and more muscle]

 Mr. D actually told me the other day that he was really surprised at how well my stomach recovered, and that he was sure that extra skin was never going to go away. As you can see, it is really not so bad if I stand straight up and don't move, but if I poke at it...
 Dun dun dunnnn. Even little d can't find his finger when he pushes into my stomach.
Also, sitting looks like this: [side view]
 [front view]
 Oh, all that extra skin. What ever will I do with you?

On a brighter note, I think its about time to retire the old tank top 
for the new one I got from DK for Christmas:
Never woulda guessed I had all that extra skin hiding in there, huh? LOVE IT.

So what's the point of this post? Certainly not to make me feel bad about myself. Sure I gained a few pounds back post-baby, but it happens. It's happened to everybody I know! You pick yourself back up and start over again, [hopefully] learning from mistakes. I don't beat myself up over something I have no control over [but if anyone needs some extra skin, I would be happy to donate some], I acknowledge it as the way my new body is, now. Exercise is cheaper than a tummy-tuck. Maybe it will go back to "normal," maybe it never will but I can and will work with what I have and continue to improve myself. 

I have never put myself on a diet or restricted myself in any way. I don't eat a diet solely consisting of protein shakes, soups and salads. I eat carbs. I eat chocolate. AND I am happy with my body every day, flaws and all, because it is healthy and productive and it made a human being. I can run, jump, lift and do things that I cringe thinking about doing when I was 40 weeks pregnant. My stomach may not be as flat as a pancake, but I am not a pancake. 
I am a woman.
 I am a mother.
Pretty darn proud of it too.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

6 years ago in the snow ....I said yes

And one kevs, one baby, 2 degrees from BYU, 2 cars, 3 apartments, 4 cross country drives, and over a half dozen jobs later,

I still love this guy more than anything or anyone in the world.

Two more days!!

wordless wednesday: the many faces of bathtime

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Boston marathon training week 7

12 weeks till Boston!!
27 miles run this week!! (yes I see the irony of running as many miles in a week that will have to run in one day in just over two months.. Eek!!)

Mon: 3 miles tm (33 min)... Catchup miles from last week. 30 mins rotating stairclimber
Tues: 3 miles tm (34 min), 26 min elliptical, 1 hour much needed foam rolling (while watching kardashians of course!)
Weds: 12 miles (2 hours 15 mins). See my post from Sunday.
Thurs: 60 mins elliptical, 30 min abs
Fri: 3 mile tm run (31 min), 55 min weight training (love it!!)
Sat: run 6 miles (73 mins)
Sun: rest

A good week catching up even while little d and I were a little sick and I was pretty sleep deprived. My legs were really feeling it so hopefully more ab work and weights will help my body get stronger and I will be working on fueling a bit better. And of course more foam rolling. Oh how I sing the praises of foam rolling for stretching tight muscles and soothing knots. Half marathon tomorrow here I come!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Sunday, January 22, 2012

12 mile adventure

I never thought it was going to be difficult to train for a marathon after having a child... little did I know! Here's an example of the craziness involved in getting in a 12 mile run this past Wednesday [my new long run day, so I can be partially incapacitated for a day when Mr. D is not around, since I only get to see him on weekends]. I can't imagine what it is going to be when I have to run 20! I guess we will have to see in a few weeks.

6:55 am Little d [therefore I] wake up, play in my room until the chorus of "eat! eat! eat!" brings me down for breakfast.

7:30 am breakfast...smoothie time! Change clothes, make a mess of toys then clean the mess of toys we played with.

8:55 am Drive to the gym, drop off little d at childcare.

10:10 am Tackled 6 miles. Feel like death. Legs feel like lead. Start over TM.

11:15 am Four more miles done but soooo sore and very slow. Maybe need Shot Blocks with Caffeine?! Pick up little d from childcare, drive home.

11:30 am Run the last two miles from my house while mom watches little d for half an hour. My slowest two miles but outside they felt so good in the freezing cold.

12:00 pm Feed little d lunch, eat whatever he doesn't

12:30 pm Put little d to bed, [dun dun dunnnn] ice bath for 12 minutes.

12:45 pm Lukewarm shower. I hate lukewarm showers but I've learned from experience that my beloved scalding hot showers have no place post-ice bath.

12: 50 pm Collapse into bed for an hour till little d wakes up from his nap.
Talk about EXHAUSTING. I've decided my long run days [Wednesday for now] are the only days of the week I am allowed to wear sweats all day if I so desire. And I did. Its a good thing I am not working full time as well as training for a marathon, I don't know how people do that. Now about that 20 miler I have to tackle in a couple of weeks...

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Boston Winter Break 2011

Everytime we come to Boston there is always a long list of things we want to do. 
First on the list is to spend time with family [duh] which we did a lot of. 
Then there are the food places: Linden Deli, Quincy Market, Fresh City, Camella's.
Then things to do, which with Mike and Cory working during the day left us with Dani to play with most days, which we took full advantage of! 
Three sets of hands for one little boy... what ever will we do when we have a second?!
Although Mr. D and I have been to just about every good touristy spot multiple times together, it is so much fun to do it with a new set of eyes [and running legs!]
We went to the Museum of Science.
 Which apparently has a playground to show the science of... levers? pendulums?
 Static electricity?
 My favorite part was this area where you could "design" your own fish. Dani, little d [both shown here] and Mr. D created theirs and they were released into the "tank" [a series of TV's] to swim around. Mr. D's and Dani's got eaten almost immediately. Little d's, which he named ":)QQQ" actually survived for quite a while. In fact, he could possibly still be alive today...
 We met up downtown with Cory [not pictured] and cousin Haley for lunch.
 Not to mention little d made good friends with Big Mike [his grandpa], and Aunti Concessa!
While in Boston, most of us had smartphones and little d knew it. He would come up to one of us [usually Mike] and say "baby", which ment he wanted to watch videos of himself that Mike had taken. Dani was a HUGE favorite, because she was always playing youtube videos for little d, especially the Mickey Mouse shows and LMFAO music videos [he loves the one with the christmas lights].
Speaking of Mr. D's dad, of course he got us into Fenway Park to look at the preparations being made for the winter hockey series, the video is here of him running [or you can watch below] around Fenway Park. I mean, how many kids can say they were not even a year and a half and got to run around inside Fenway Park's diamond, dugout, and race around the bleachers? Talk about a lucky kid!

 But we weren't out all the time... here are some of my favorite shots from the wee hours of the morning [when we were the only two awake], as well as some goofy ones before bathtime:
 ^^Showing off his "Stinky Feet"^^
 ^^OH. THOSE LEGS!!! I cannot get enough of them. I will be so sad to see that chunk go away.^^
 Playing peekaboo [with me and with the iphone, taking self-portraits!]
And when we went into Boston for New Years, finding all the horses 
[because some little guy loooves them..."neigh!"!!]
Although we did go down during naptime [like we did last year, oops] so he slept through the first hour of Faneuil Hall.
 We got a family picture in front of the Statehouse [try not to pay attention to my son's hobo glove]
 And of course we went to the zoo, because little d really likes animals!

 Even if he was yelling at most of them through the glass "BALL!" since for some reason none of them wanted to play with their toys. Must have had something to do with the freezing temps, or like this poor gorilla, he probably didn't like getting yelled at. Poor guy. And little d would have played all day in the Madagascar-like box or on the wooden horse [which try as he might never rocked like his horse back home!] but eventually we had to go home.
Two Celtics games, a Fenway visit, a Boston Common/Faneuil Hall visit, Zoo trip, Museum of Science, loads of gifts [mostly running stuff for me, more on that later!], and two 12-hour all-nighter driving trips made this an unforgettable experience. 
Thanks to my in-laws for being so accommodating and we will see you in April!!
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