Friday, December 02, 2011

Where there's a Mager...

... There's a Kron.
Happy Birthday to Ms. Andrea Mager Stevens!!!
We may live across the country for now, but that will not stop me from stalking you continuing to be your bestest friend!! I love you to pieces and cannot wait until we can hopefully see each other next summer! 
[We were supposed to run the Utah Valley Marathon together but ahemmm, something came up.
I hope she forgives me!]

In case you don't remember how it all started out... 
I hounded you down freshman year till you agreed to room with me and some of my favorite crazies.
We were black sheep together for all of about 10 days then we both found boys to occupy our girltime.
I think we took a tap dancing class together with my sister Anna?
I got married within the school year ...but not before we had a fun year doing crazy things :)
Remember disco roller skating???

Then came my wedding! 
And you, Keely, Jasmine, and Amax were all such good sports to be my bridesmaids and give me one heck of a multicultural sending-off! Oh how I love my roommates!
 Finally in December 2007 the time came for us to come to YOUR wedding!! Prettiest bride ever.
Still getting over how amazing that dress was.
 The best part about you getting married was seeing you so so happy. Wife-ing is truly your calling :)
 Like teaching me how to bake and decorate cookies from scratch? Brilliant. 
Got me Wife of the Year award that Christmas:)
 And I will never forget that phone call where you tried to convince me last minute to run my very first 10k a week before my first half marathon... you crazy!!! But we did it and it was so much fun!
I love you, girl!!! Make sure that hubby of yours treats you right on your big day!! :)


Eric and Andrea said...

Ahhhhh, Ruth!!!! You are so sweet to dedicate a blog post to me on my birthday. I love you!! And I love how many photos you keep. What a journey we've had as friends. I love your guts and thanks for such a special post! Mwah!!

Sarah said...

So cute (:

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