Thursday, December 29, 2011


Seeing Surah for the first time in ages has been AWESOME [see last post!]
and we all know one of her favorite pasttimes is trying to get awesome pics of little d:
 Even at a hot dog shoppe where Mr. D got a chilli dog and I got something deep fried with bacon and a whole lot of japalenos... my mouth is still numb.
 Aside from eating with Surah [which we do a lot of!] we finally made it out for a 5pm run on christmas eve... who said 5 miles were easy and clean?!?! Not us!
 Yup, that is a lot of mud. Lesson learned. But still.... so fun!
 Love you, aunti Surah!!! Hopefully we see you again in the Spring where we can chat about how awesome marathon training is :)


Sarah said...

(: miss you guysssss!!!!

anna. said... jealous of your run! miss you.

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