Sunday, December 04, 2011

Sunday Fit Recap Week 2: Last week before Boston Training

Well this week was marked with a free three-day pass I had to the Y, accompanied by very little sleep [the usual crazy 1am wakeup, snuggle, then sleep till 4am ready to go for the day!] and a surprise announcement that I would be running Boston. Which I am SUPER excited for, just a little bit terrified since I was planning on running a June marathon, which would have given me plenty of time to bring up my fitness before I started training but now my training starts tomorrow! Not that I am complaining, 19 weeks is plenty of time to train, and I feel pretty confident using Hal Higdon's first marathon plan.

So here was last week...
Mon- weight intervals: 5 mins cardio followed by 15 minutes strength training X3

Tues- 30 minutes on elliptical, 15 mins core, 15 mins ARC [set on high was like marching!]

Weds- strength training: 5 mins cardio, 5 mins arm weights, 5 mins legs, 5 mins core. Repeat 3 times. Ech time I did weights in a different order. One of my FAVORITE boredom-busting workouts, since after going to a pilates/weights class for a few years, I know plenty of exercises to mix it up.

Thurs- 4.76 mile run [47:41] outside with BOB. Would have been less than that but someone threw off his gloves mid-run and we had to go find them. Thank goodness for Garmins.

Fri- 4 miles. [43:34] Again, outside with BOB.

Sat and Sun- Rest.

A couple things about this last week:
1. As much as I love running outside, I am beginning to realize that with the weather turning pretty chilly it is going to be less of an option to take the BOB unless it is the middle of the day... maybe. So I am pretty desperate for a gym pass at the moment, but finding one that is a good deal AND includes the classes, machines and childcare I want is REALLY difficult. Hopefully I can have something before the month is out.

2. I have had some people ask me "Can't you just workout when little d is sleeping?" or "can't you just do workout DVD's or run the treadmill at home?" and the answer to both of those is a resounding NO! Sure, I used to do both of those back in the day when little d was taking 2-3 naps and sleeping well at night, but now that he is down to one nap and sleeping consistently BAD at night, it is usually all I can do to take a nap when he does or treasure that one hour to myself so I don't go crazy when he is awake.

3. I am a little nervous about this marathon. It is enough pressure for it to be my first marathon [that I have been talking about doing for YEARS] but to have it be Boston??? I am praying every day that ]knock on wood] no injury strikes me between now and April 16th. The last "injury" scare I had was back 2 weeks before the UV half and I still have the same shoes from the last year and a bit that have TOO many miles, I know. Trip to running store will be happening tomorrow although I will probably just select the shoe I want and buy at runningwarehouse and buy two pair [since they are half the price], as well as a cross training shoe. I know having new shoes will help boost my self-esteem with running injury-free.

4. After pouring over reviews and training guides, I settled on Hal Higdon's plan [Novice 1] mostly because of it's success rate in taking runners not just to the starting line, but crossing the finish line. No shame for me in stopping to walk for a bit, as long as I can finish [and please, please please run most of it so I don't completely embarass myself]. Inbetween running, I plan on incorporating strength training twice a week, yoga twice a week, and serious foam rolling every night. Something about not having time to stretch after a run with little d [could be because I am still chasing him around the house afterwards??] has made my muscles pretty tight, and a nightly foam roll helps me sleep better anyway.

5. Which reminds me: Boston goals. I would love to say I have some highly ambitious goals but those always set me up for failure.
-Since my workouts the last few weeks have been terrible and inconsistent, I have been focusing on eating as a form of fuel for my body, and as a result have been eating a bit healthier. I haven't lost weight but am working to be down to my "racing weight" naturally by the new year, not out of vanity but to ensure that my body is in tip-top shape for marathoning.
-I want to toe the starting line injury-free.
-I want to cross the finish line with a smile on my face and have a heckuva time doing so.
-Not be the last one to cross the finish line. They haven't listed the cutoff time but if I can make it in before 6 hours I will chalk that one as a "W" in my book. I would prefer 4-5 but we shall see.

6. Which brings me to: what happens if I fail? What if I do get injured/can't run/have to get carted off the course/otherwise don't make it? Well, I already have a plan B. I will recover, figure out what went wrong, fix it, get better and train for a fall marathon [Columbus?]. Maybe if I have a really bomb time in Boston and want to improve my time, I will still train for a second marathon..who knows? I figure two shots at a marathon are in me before I start thinking about baby #2. No regrets, baby.

7. With all that in mind, I am REALLY REALLY excited for the opportunity to run Boston. Mr. D and my inlaws have known for quite a while how obsessed I am with that marathon [something about always asking for running-related things for bday/christmas may have something to do with it] and I am SUPER excited to even have the chance to be in it. I MAY have ordered something like 20 books related to the Boston Marathon that should be flowing in the next few weeks... now if only I could find time to read them all! [usually I read magazines/books while XT on elliptical or stairs].

So... there you have it. This list is not really for anyone but myself, to remember the feelings, hopes, fears, etc of this very moment. And for Mr. D to keep me accountable. Marathon training, here I come!!


Lizzie N said...

i am excited you are doing a fitness journal! it will be fun to follow you on this journey to ur marathon! then ill be able to see what its like to train. : ) im so excited for u! good luck. oh, and i totally know what the naptime/exercise time situation is like. that is quite the dilemma. good luck!!!

A Close Family said...

Wow Ruth! You truly are inspiring. Way to go and I can't wait to hear how it goes!!!

Anonymous said...

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