Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Pretty Pretty Princess Bananas

She not only came to visit us for the week before Christmas, but she made the 12 hour drive solo the weekend before as well! Little d is so lucky to have an auntie who loves him so much.

 And for the record, Surah got Pretty Pretty Princess for Christmas which may be one of the most epic and awesome games of my life if you don't count Mall Madness and Dream Phone. Too bad we never got to play it while we were all three here but lets be honest, we never really played the game since it was mostly a competition to see who could steal all the jewelery from the other sisters, anyway.
 Excuse the sweaty face and five head, but that is just how much I love you, Anna. Enough to post this terrible picture of me just because it is of us. Forgive me for making it so small :) See you real soon???


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