Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Little D's Clubhouse... and hurricane Kevs.

It all started off so innocently. 
Little d loves Mickey Mouse. So we got him one.
 And he really loves Mickey's Clubhouse. So we bought him a new carseat and let him keep the box, for transforming into a clubhouse of course. He loved it.
 Then... there's this guy. Big brother Kevs. Looks innocent, right?
 Well, he tolerates little d and all the excessive hugging.
 Or so we thought...
 Until Mr. D found this:
 and this:
and ultimately, THIS:
Oh, Kevs. We miss you here in Boston!! Hopefully you are taking better care of our clubhouse??


Have Your Way said...

O my goodness!!! Kevs is crazy I think!! haha

Hope you're enjoying Boston!!

Sarah said...

LOL crazy kevs. i can't believe i missed that!!

Stefanie D. said...

Oh Kevs. What a little devil.

anna. said...

omg! how dare he try to break the clubhouse!!!

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