Monday, January 02, 2012

Last few photos of 2011

Welp I am in Boston without my laptop and this is the last post I made before leaving so this is probably all you will hear from me for a few days till I get back. Before 2011 ended, little d got his first set of snow/winter gear but was a little dissapointed at the lack of said snow.
 He also got a new carseat from dad, while mom kept getting free footballs from the gym :)
 We toured the Anthony Thomas Chocolate factory and discovered the secret to their perfect buckeyes... the inside is peanut butter but the top of them are tinted white chocolate! Also this Santa was only $300... still can't believe Mr. D didn't want to buy it for us.
 But he did let little d buy some chocolate balls.. they had soccer and footballs and basketballs and baseballs. We were lucky to get out of there and only buy him three.
 Red Sox Mama... Paparazzo? I guess I didn't realize how bright the iphone flash was! Sorry, kid.

 And you can't forget about the ranch. The only way I can con him to eat broccoli. AND IT WORKS.
 Little d with Tio Feo and his Grandpa [notice they BOTH have bedhead]
 Who doesn't love hanging out with cousins?! 
Hopefully we get in a LOT of cousin time over the next four months!

 Who could forget that little d had become the little spiritual giant in the family?? 
Always ready for a prayer to give a loud "MEN!" and clap afterwards.
 3,211 photos taken in 2011. WOW. And to think I only took just over 1000 last year :)
Guess now is as good a time as any to announce my 2012 project... 
365 love letters [akin to Jenn's] to little d, with a photo taken every day. I will post them weekly!!


Sarah said...

ahhhh love love love these pics!! i love the love letter idea. i'm already planning on doing two 365 projects but that it way cooler than both of them!! don't leave yet ):

anna. said...

love the pics! good thing you have such a photogenic child. miss you guysss.

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