Monday, December 12, 2011

Houses and Zupa's knockoffs: What I'm Making Monday

We had our first graham cracker house-making party of the year!
And little d even stayed up an hour past his bedtime to help us out.
 Pretty bomb, huh?
 Go ahead. Be jealous. It is the one and only Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
Complete with animals coming out of it like an ark!
 Earlier last week I had a serious craving for all things Zupa's... and happened to run into Trader Joe's and stumbled upon my favorite snack of all time: Cinnamon Almonds! So I knew I had to make the nuts about berries salad [with romaine, berries, Brianna's poppyseed dressing and finely chopped cinnamon almonds]
 And the picture fails to impress but they have a sandwich with meunster cheese, turkey, avocado and some dressing [I used honey mustard] that is quite the salty complement to this sweet salad.
om nom nom. Knockoffs from the Cafe RedSoxWife. :)


anna. said...

oh my delicious. om nom nom.

Sarah said...

Baby D looks just slightly intoxicated from his sugar high, I'm sure...weren't you supposed to have taught him how to smile by now?? (;

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