Monday, December 05, 2011

DZ #14:Make salsa from scratch: What I'm Making Monday

Um how did nobody tell me how EASY it is to make your own salsa?? I made two different kinds in the last few months, one I like to call my "winter" or "Michelle's Blender"salsa, since its canned equal parts Herdez Salsa [Casera HOT] and Peeled whole tomatoes in tomato juice. You mix equal parts of the tomatoes [no juice] and salsa in a blender with a hefty amount of cilantro and voila! Yummy, fresh-tasting summer-y salsa! If you are really bold, which I am not, you can add in a little jalapeno, no seeds to give it more of a kick.
The actual summer salsa we got in a salsa pack at one of the many farmer's markets we went to this summer... and it was HEAVEN. Included in it was: 5 roma tomatoes, cilantro, one small red onion, a clove of garlic, and a little container of lime juice and spices [not sure what was in it, but I'm sure its similar to the stuff I put in my guacamole]. I put all the ingredients in a food processor and the result was PERFECTION. How have we been buying the canned stuff for so many years?? Never again. Also, I never got a picture of said Summer Salsa because each time I made it it was gone in about .234 seconds. No joke that stuff is addicting. So you will have to settle for a Farmer's Market pic instead:

Of course I prefer the second salsa, albeit is more expensive, and I will probably be using the Blender Salsa for our Christmas party [shhhh don't tell my parents but since my sisters and I love mexican food I am planning on making some for Christmas dinner... to go with guac and 7-layer dip! Who says holidays have to be traditional?]

Any other good salsa recipes out there? [or any other good recipes for me to try?] Send them my way!!

I will be doing a "12 days of cookies" feature over the next three weeks with my favorite ones!
Happy Monday!


Have Your Way said...

YUM!!!! Wish I was a better cook or liked hot salsa, but at last I only like the mild stuff

Sarah said...

um YUM. Teach me how to make salsa when I get home. Ready, break! (:

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