Sunday, December 25, 2011

Boston Marathon Training Week 3

This week was MUCH better morale-wise. I got my cold under control [thanks to dayquil, cold-eeze, and about a billion cough drops!] and caught up on my miles. Reading about Marathon training in Higdon's book, I know I need to not be so focused on numbers but I do. I have budgeted an extra week in [his plan is 18 weeks and I had 19 till the marathon when I started] in case I get the flu, get injured or something else real bad *knock on wood*. I hate resting and like getting something in every day, so on Sunday I can really feel good about the "rest" part. Other than too many holiday goodies making me feel like little d running frankenstein-style, this week was really good!

TOTAL miles: 18
Mon- 3 miles [30 min] TM run, 60 minutes Urban Iron class [loooove weight training!!]
Tues- 3 miles TM [31 min]
Weds- 4 miles TM run [47 min], 15 min core
Thurs- 30 min sitting bike, 3 miles TM [28 min]
Fri- 30 min sitting bike, 30 min free weights [alternating 5 minutes abs, arms, legs]
Sat- 5 mile night run outside with Surah!! [50 min]
Sun- Rest


Sarah said...

a 30 minute 30-miler on monday?! YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR hahaha (;
slash yayaya for saturday night runs! just love and miss you already ):

anna. said...

saturday = *like*

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