Sunday, December 18, 2011

Boston Marathon Training Week 2

This week was hard mentally... Mr. D and I got hit with colds, and coupled with little d's lack of sleeping, mine felt like it lasted an ETERNITY. It was a struggle to work out this week without coughing, much less to find the energy to but I am only one workout behind on Higdon's plan and I expect to make it up this upcoming week. Running feels good but I really need to get some new running shoes since I bought mine in February of this year... I just know an injury is right around the corner if I don't! *knock on wood*

TOTAL miles: 13 [AWESOME for such a gross, heavy, sick week!]
Monday- 3 miles on treadmill [35 min], 25 min elliptical
Tuesday- 3 miles TM [29 min], 35 min weights
Wednesday- Rest
Thursday- Rest
Friday- Rest
Saturday- 7 miles TM [a struggle, but I got it done in 70 minutes]
Sunday- Rest


Sarah said...

YOU CAN DO ITTTTTTTTTT!!! (: stay strong!!

Have Your Way said...

Keep it up girl!!! I need to pile on more miles for my half Im doing in April!!

Missy said...

Nicely done Ruth! I am still working on kicking my cough to the curb and haven't ran or worked out in about a week or so...but tomorrow I am venturing out for a run! I have to get this cough gone!

anna. said...

if you are sick and it's the day of the boston if it's not -- take a break ( :

also feel betterrr.

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