Friday, December 30, 2011

awesome christmas present: US!

The 48 hours we were all together this holiday season were packed with awesome.
Highlights included little d meeting Surah again for the first time since April
 and winning her over with some treats and pounds

 We had some serious work to do as soon as we were all together... like redoing an old family photo from 1999 [I just have to figure out how to scan it in here so you can compare the two]
And sending some love to our Mama Astrid.
Perhaps one of my favorite parts of the weekend was Sherlock Holmes 2... 
 brilliant movie with the Krondashians and their momager
we may not be all living under the same roof anymore, but the few times we get to spend together are pretty totally awesome!! <3


anna. said...

we need to do this more frequently.

Sarah said...

eeeeek! AGREED.

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