Saturday, December 24, 2011

17 months...

...has brought us to full understanding of the word "tantrum."
No cookies? No ranch to dip in our ranch dressing? You told me NO?! Get ready for this:
Part of the tantrumming [I hope] has to do with the lack of sleeping mixed with an influx of teeth a la 15 months... we are up to 3 on the bottom and six up top [front 4 and 2 in the way back... I think they may be the first molars but they are still too small to tell]. This month marks the first time he actually tries to use his teeth to bite into foods [he was still using the gums where his molars will eventually be]. And don't be alarmed but I also introduced him to markers which he likes to put in his mouth... probably because I can't help laughing at his face when he does it and he loves to make people laugh.
 "Imitation is the highest form of flattery," right?? Well, little d likes to do anything anyone else is doing, and I suppose he imitates me the most only because he is around me the most. It is great to see him lift weights, drink green smoothies like it's his job, try eating peppers, attempt pushups, sing along with me, play peekaboo, attempt to hide things [like his hands, especially in his pockets], and become a pro at hugging everybody, even the Kevs!

Not so good things he has picked up on: screaming [thanks, DK], hitting/throwing/kicking [which he has been doing for awhile but now with his accuracy in the upper 90 percentile, it is getting dangerous], eating cookies or anything with chocolate [that would be my fault], and not sleeping through the night [?????] although we have finally comfortably gone down to one nap and I have even started sneaking him into nursery a month early, so that's pretty awesome. Also the separation anxiety is much better *knock on wood* and he actually enjoys going to the childcare at the gym, with minimal tears, if any.
 Sure the nighttime screaming wakeups have been a struggle [I even resorted to driving him around in the wee hours of the morning more than once] but we have finally normalized and when he does wake up, he is once again content with a snuggle, re-tucking of the blanket, and a backrub till he drifts back to sleep. But I suppose that is the tradeoff for having a total chatterbug on our hands :) The amount of words he can imitate and uses [help, bear, bath, mumo, daniel, anna, saraah, astrid, teeth, cheese, nose, snowman, football, TC, yellow, red, blue, Minnie] is subject for another post or video entirely! Love this bug.
Also there has been a lot of running... seems this kid only ever wants to run everywhere. Maybe we have a future marathoner on our hands?? If only he could be a little more lightfooted... he stomps around about as gracefully as Frankenstein!


Sarah said...

oh my goshhhhhh hahahah that first picture is so so sad!!! just love his little teethers though (: makes everything worth it.

anna. said...

i am going to be seriously-so-depressed when he grows out of that bear onesie.

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