Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ringing in the last day of 2011 in downtown Boston

Oh how we love Faneuil Hall. Chowda, brownies, horses, ice sculptures and just walking around Boston common with the family made for a very happy new years eve.
[oh right, that was the plane little d was begging me to buy at Kid to Kid!]

2011 in review

I started off 2011 with some overly ambitious goals that led me to completely fall apart with too many expectations by February. No joke. Lesson learned. Not making that mistake again. 
Keep it simple, Stupid.
 February I decided to resign from my job to full time devote myself to these studs.
With the relief of knowing I only had a few months left to work, coupled with the decision to stop pumping....March was basically 1000x more awesome than the previous two months.
Little d started crawling all over the place and just exploded with personality!
 Spring break was in April and I was in the home stretch! Mr. D also decided to quit his job and started devoting full time to the job hunt... a long, hard journey which would go on until December.
 May was the last month of full time work for this mama! Little d finally had a full head of hair after balding out in 2010. Have I mentioned that he looks more like his dad with each passing day??
 June was the start of two AWESOME carefree months playing poolside daily with Mr. D and little d.
 July... well, this kid had his first birthday. After an in-person interview at Eastern Washington [which he didn't get] and a job offer at Texas A&M [which we didn't take], we started hatching some serious plans to get out of Utah, while continuing on the job hunt.
 One of the last photos from August in our old apartment... getting rid of everything that would not fit into two compact cars proved to be a challenge and a blessing, and by month's end we were in Ohio!
 September I interviewed and landed a part time job at a gym and little d started sprouting some teeth!
Mr. D flew out to Massachussetts for a job interview but never heard back :(
October I started working at said job, Mr. D got flown to Miami Florida for an interview but didn't hear back from them either. Mr. D got a job at Nationwide insurance.
November I lost my job due to some unfortunate circumstances, Mr. D started working, I found out I got into the Boston Marathon, and little d became very possessive of his big brother Mr. Kevs.
 December Mr. D flew to California to interview for another job. We both felt good about it and he got it!! January starts 4 months of travel and training [Monday through Friday...we still get him on the weekends!], and sometime in March we should know where we will be relocated to. In the meantime, little d and I will continue to spend the next few months with my parents [they are SO generous to do so and we can continue to save a bunch of money].
2011 has been a crazy up and down year that has certainly been a challenge but I have grown and learned a lot from this entire experience. We are more blessed than we could ever imagine. We are healthy, we have a healthy toddler, we are closer to both our families than we were at the start of the year, we have new jobs: Mr. D with a consulting company and me at home with little d, and I am thrilled to be training for my first marathon [BOSTON!].

Blessed, blessed, blessed.
I am excited to see what else 2012 holds for us.

Happy New Year!

Friday, December 30, 2011

awesome christmas present: US!

The 48 hours we were all together this holiday season were packed with awesome.
Highlights included little d meeting Surah again for the first time since April
 and winning her over with some treats and pounds

 We had some serious work to do as soon as we were all together... like redoing an old family photo from 1999 [I just have to figure out how to scan it in here so you can compare the two]
And sending some love to our Mama Astrid.
Perhaps one of my favorite parts of the weekend was Sherlock Holmes 2... 
 brilliant movie with the Krondashians and their momager
we may not be all living under the same roof anymore, but the few times we get to spend together are pretty totally awesome!! <3

Thursday, December 29, 2011


Seeing Surah for the first time in ages has been AWESOME [see last post!]
and we all know one of her favorite pasttimes is trying to get awesome pics of little d:
 Even at a hot dog shoppe where Mr. D got a chilli dog and I got something deep fried with bacon and a whole lot of japalenos... my mouth is still numb.
 Aside from eating with Surah [which we do a lot of!] we finally made it out for a 5pm run on christmas eve... who said 5 miles were easy and clean?!?! Not us!
 Yup, that is a lot of mud. Lesson learned. But still.... so fun!
 Love you, aunti Surah!!! Hopefully we see you again in the Spring where we can chat about how awesome marathon training is :)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Fenway!!

Pretty Pretty Princess Bananas

She not only came to visit us for the week before Christmas, but she made the 12 hour drive solo the weekend before as well! Little d is so lucky to have an auntie who loves him so much.

 And for the record, Surah got Pretty Pretty Princess for Christmas which may be one of the most epic and awesome games of my life if you don't count Mall Madness and Dream Phone. Too bad we never got to play it while we were all three here but lets be honest, we never really played the game since it was mostly a competition to see who could steal all the jewelery from the other sisters, anyway.
 Excuse the sweaty face and five head, but that is just how much I love you, Anna. Enough to post this terrible picture of me just because it is of us. Forgive me for making it so small :) See you real soon???

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Little D's Clubhouse... and hurricane Kevs.

It all started off so innocently. 
Little d loves Mickey Mouse. So we got him one.
 And he really loves Mickey's Clubhouse. So we bought him a new carseat and let him keep the box, for transforming into a clubhouse of course. He loved it.
 Then... there's this guy. Big brother Kevs. Looks innocent, right?
 Well, he tolerates little d and all the excessive hugging.
 Or so we thought...
 Until Mr. D found this:
 and this:
and ultimately, THIS:
Oh, Kevs. We miss you here in Boston!! Hopefully you are taking better care of our clubhouse??
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