Monday, November 21, 2011

What I'm Making Monday: Our 2011 Christmas Card!

DZ #100: Have an autumn family photo shoot 
Okay, so again this was not really of my making [I have a muffin recipe that will have to wait till later today] but with Keely's help we finally got family photos done in time for the holidays... which I really wanted to do outdoors. The stars aligned for a second time this past weekend and we were able to get a photo shoot in thanks to Keely and Brandon and LG for their awesome DSLR camera and mad photog skills plus we had a good time and the weather was actually really nice. So here you have a preview of our Christmas card photo shoot [but we can't show you the real thing till Christmas because what fun would that be??]. If you didn't give me your address last year, this is the time to do it! 
email or shoot me a FB message!
 This shot was Keely's idea... and so much fun! Even if I was scared to get too much air since I was wearing wedge boots, we've never taken a photo like this before and I loved it.
Afterwards, little d kept wanting to jump off the hay bales like us. He was fascinated.
my favorite of all the little d shots Keely took a bunch of: Pretending to sleep on a tree
[can you tell I love DSLR's?]
The holidays are rapidly approaching and my favorite time of year starts this week!
I can officially start saying
"Happy Holidays!":


Lizzie N said...

super cute pictures!!! love the sleeping on the tree one : )

anna. said...

those pics are so cute! better save a card for me.

Sarah said...

LOVE THESE. the picture of him on the tree is my FAVORITE of all-time!! so so cute. love it (:

Nisha @ Healthy Mom's Kitchen said...

A) Your little man is totally cute.
B) You look like a fabulous fun mom!
C) What is COSI? It looks like a place I should take my little man.
D) I'm about to attempt to paint a humongous tree on my playroom wall. If you're dying to get your mural on, you know you're welcome. How would we do it with TWO little crazy men, who knows?!

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