Tuesday, November 08, 2011

random misses from summer/autumn

I miss Farmers Markets. 
I miss the smells, the fresh food, the EVERYTHING about them.
 I miss Katie Abram's caramel apples this time of year :( and I miss her too!
 I miss running races. Winter seems to do something to my sense of time... like it dulls or something. Summer feels like years away right now.
 We miss cousin Ava.
 Even when she made us cry. We loved it.
 Maybe she was a little bit of a bad influence though...
 Some days, I miss my little bald headed, toothless wonder.
 But I am loving my new, "dennis-the-menace"-haired toothy wonder even more than that baldyhead.
Even if he is developing an attitude like a teenage boy or something.
 ^^ see?? This looks says "NO I do not want to ride in this non-BOB stroller!"^^
Gangstah. So cool even if he had to ride in a Jeep stroller for two months :)
 ^^"And even if you give me a ball I will still be angry till I get my BOB!" ^^
[phew good thing we got a BOB again!!]
Also, I miss Kevs sleeping on our bed.
He has taken to sleeping on my poor mom's side of the bed... 
he must not have gotten the memo that my mom is allergic to cats!!!!
 See that smirk? Like he knows its wrong and he doesn't even care.
I miss pre-broken teeth :( Nuff said.
 Little d went through a slight bath-phobia for a minute, but he's better now. Now he's just terrified of lint in the tub... which is unfortunate since with those sweaty feet collect A LOT of lint during the day.
If you don't get anything else from this blog, know that. They are my life.
Also, who can resist such gorgeous baby blue eyes?! :)


Have Your Way said...


made me smile!

Sarah said...

I want that "Caution: Runners on Road" poster.

And your family is gorgeous. (:

anna. said...


fyi i'm talking about dustin, of course. drew still looks regular-sized.

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