Saturday, November 05, 2011

Giraffa camelopardalis

I think it is safe to say at this point that work is cramping out my blogging time.

Oh right... and little d has taken to routinely NOT sleeping between the hours of 2am-7am. Sometimes he chooses to wake up for 2 hours, sometimes for 3, and when I am lucky he sleeps through that entire time but it is terrifying going to bed and not knowing when someone will wake me up... yes, I am a control freak. So sue me. One child just may do me in. Or our kids will be like 5 years apart :)

There you have my excuse for being about 2000 photos behind in my blogging this week. And on that note, I bring you: All Hollow's Eve with my little giraffe...
He was brilliant. Even though we had a rough day [see the first few sentences of this post if you don't know what I mean] and Mr. D was out of town, and the first dozen times I put on this too-small costume (9 months, but it was given to us) he cried and cried, let it be known that on his first "real" night of trick or treating, LITTLE D WAS A CHAMP. Even though it was freezing cold, we strolled with our BOB (and grandpa) to dozens of houses over the course of 90 minutes and he pretty much charmed the candy right out of our neighbors' hands!

We've been "practicing" playing with the jack-o-lanterns for pretty much the whole month (mostly "slam-dunking" plastic balls in there, which he would then carry around the house) so he was a pro at holding his pumpkin and putting things in them... especially because after his first taste of lollipop at our ward party last week, that was the first thing he reached for and it lasted us most of the first hour.

Even though he was mistaken for a girl more than once [I guess we'll have to make next year's costume less gender neutral!], he smiled and waved and signed "thank you's" to everyone who cared to watch. And at the end of the night when we found a huge group of neighbors clustered together, he made a beeline not for their candy, but for their adorable dogs, petting their ears and eagerly saying "oo do it! oo do it!" [I usually pet Kevs whenever he gets brave and goes outside, telling him "you can do it!"]

I'll give you a hint of his reward at the end of the night:
a whole bag of m&m's all his own that he didn't even have to share with mom :) winner winner.
Great work, bug! Can't wait to try again with Mr. D [heck, maybe we'll theme the whole family!] next year!


Have Your Way said...

He is SOO cute!!!

Yay for m and ms as a reward :)

K. S. Powers said...

Too cute! I don't think there's anything cuter than kids and pets in costumes--and you got both this Halloween season! :)

anna. said...

OMG! SO ADORABLE. miss you guys x a zillion.

Emily Rebecca Jacobs said...

Awwww. giraffe :)

Sarah said...

GIRAFFE BABYYYYYYYYYYYD oh my cutest thing EVER ahh love love love it(:

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