Tuesday, November 22, 2011

family fun time

teaching DK the secrets to beating super mario brothers 3Dland on his 3DS...
"....I do it"
 Showing him where to find all the cheat codes...
 DK.. still in shock that with little d's help, it only took him a week to beat the game! Success!
 Have you seen this movie?
You should. it is one of little d's favorites.
Here he is teaching grandpa and abueli how it's done:

IT IS SO HARD TO wait for my sisters to get out here... just a few more weeks to wait!
We haven't all been together since dad's 50th in [gasp!] march.
Last time Bananas was with [fattyhead] little d:
Last time Surah was with [baldyhead] little d:
Last time uncles were with little d:
ahahaha.... still one of my favorite pics of all time.
= I need all aunties and uncles to just come live in our neighborhood. 
Once we get a neighborhood of course.
Miss you guys!


Have Your Way said...

HAHAHA Baby D's name in the last pic is PRICELESS!!!

Remind me next time i see you to tell you a funny story I have about me learning Spanish when I was little!!

Sarah said...

ummm could you have picked a creepier picture of me with baby d?!? haahhaa i will definitely need to take some better ones this break (:

anna. said...

omg that last one with the uncles is priceless.

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