Sunday, November 06, 2011

fall. back.

Did you enjoy your extra hour of sleep today? There is something wonderful to be said for parents (and brothers!) willing to let you sleep in an hour so they can watch your darling, DST-denying son.

Now back to our more pressing issue: LEAVES. I don't think it will ever stop. With our two big oaks producing like crazy I think I could rake leaves every day and still not be done by Christmas.
Good thing is little d has learned to love the leaf pile! 
[and only rarely puts out his hand for me to "clean" a leaf off]
 And what leaf piling tradition would be complete without initiating the Kevs to the wild midwest??
... can you spot his little white paws??
 when mom-monsters attack
 and my favorite shot of the night: all three boys playing and laughing.
Kind of random fact, but I wanted to be sure to make note of it before I forgot but in the last week or so, whenever someone accomplishes a "slam dunk" [me throwing a dirty diaper in the trash] or hits a ball [see below], little d has gotten into a habit of doing a little first pump and shouting, "YEAH!"
Oh, wait, you needed a video to see proof? Behold:

Your welcome :) Happy Sunday!


Emily Rebecca Jacobs said...

I swear I have an identical pic of me as a baby hitting a t-ball!

PS: I WANT LEAVES. so fun. jealous.

Have Your Way said...

love leaves!!!

so cute!!

Sarah said...

yeah yeah yeahhh! so so cute (: just miss our leaf limousines <3

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