Wednesday, November 30, 2011

21+5... am i really that old?

This is the time of year where I apologize to my poor mother for putting her through labor for 17 hours.
It is so interesting to me that everyone congratulates you on your birthday when really all you did was passively cause your mother an extremely large amount of pain. 
[And you hope to make up for it years later... that is, after the tumultuous teenage years are over and ESPECIALLY after going through labor yourself.] 
Thanks, mom. Good to know it wasn't too bad for you if you went on to have 3 more, right?
Last year's birthday was spent with my littlest doll, Surah :) 
can't wait to have her back here for two weeks!
The hardest part of my birthday last year? Having to work 8 hours.
This year will be the best birthday yet because even if I am turning 26, I get to spend every waking minute with the littlest love of my life.
Flashback to 2009 I was newly prego and my parents came into town for thanksgiving/my bday and even though the sight of turkey day food made me nauseated, it was wonderful to have all the girls together! It doesn't happen often enough. Also, Michelle had a pie for EACH person. So there were like 20+ pies. AWESOME.
2008 we were so young, so naiive and carefree and full of energy and I can't quite remember but I am pretty sure I had a full night's sleep and no bags under my eyes on my 23rd birthday. But... our family [even with the Kevs] was not quite complete.
Here's to being just slightly older than 21 this year...


Emily Rebecca Jacobs said...

HAhahaaa oh my goodness that last picture is so awesome. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! That you still look 21 kind of pisses me off, but whatevs :)

Thanks to Mama Kron as well!

anna. said...

hah that postcard is hilarious.

anna. said...
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