Saturday, November 19, 2011

16 months

It's amazing to me that at this age, he can do so much it would be a much shorter list to remember what he cannot do. But don't you dare tell him "no" or he will give you THE LOOK which is like 10x worse than his stinkeye. And don't even think about taking his Mickey Mouse stickers, even if he has been wearing them all day and they are starting to fall off.
At 16 months, little d is EATING applesauce [by the gallon. literally. drunk from a straw.], bananas, cookies/crackers, ranch dressing, oatmeal, cheerios [finally!], waffles that he dips in syrup, hawaiian bread, raisins, pretzels, non-frozen gogurt, hard boiled eggs, cheese, and usually a bite or two of whatever I am eating. Veggies are still a challenge and hummus is out the window on the floor for the time being. Can't wait to get a blender and start making green smoothies for breakfast again. Also, I was shredding carrots [at 7am, mind you] this week and little d went BALLISTIC and demanded I shared them with him! What a little piggie!
SLEEP has been SO difficult the last month. Little d has been waking up one to two times a night [but at least he knows better than to try and play with me, only cuddles with me for half an hour or so till he falls back asleep] and then waking up for the day between 5 and 6 am. Which I wouldn't mind too much if he actually was hungry or in a good mood but usually he's just as irritable as I am but far less hungry. Working out has been a nightmare [or I guess I should say only exists in my dreams since sleep always trumps working out, sorry]. So needless to say, when I stopped working this past week, that issue was a MUCH more tolerable. And of course multiple days of 5 hour nights of sleep were followed by the miracle night when I went to bed right when little d did and got a whopping 10 hours of sleep! It has been two years since that has happened and I cannot see it happening anytime in the near [or far] future but it felt so good and I was VERY grateful for it. We are still figuring out the transition from two naps to one, but unless he can consistently nap longer than an hour [he won't] then we are still on two naps Monday through Saturday. Don't get me started on Sundays.
OH MY PERSONALITY. Little d is just blossoming and I swear every day is better than the one before it. Nonstop dancing, slam-dunking, and more slam-dunking is pretty much how our day begins. He is speaking, mostly jabbering nonsense at Kevin while making gestures at the stairs, but he is just starting to imitate words. "Fffff-ball", "tow-el", and "tah-dow!" [touchdown] just to name a few. "ow-yide" is still his favorite word [outside] and if there is ever anything, usually lint or a hair or dirt, on his feet or hands he will say "BALL-BALL!" until I help him clean up his hands. He is getting better with washing his hands and brushing his teeth. My favorite word of this week is WOW, used for the first time when we went to a new playground and used most recently when he saw I recently painted my nails pink, he looked down and grabbed my hands and said, "MAMA, WA-OW!". "Cua-cua" [duck], "BAH!" [sheep], "MO-OO!"and some kind of monster sound from a turkey [??] have been added to the animal sounds. And he recently discovered the MOON and says "Moon!" as he points to the sky pretty much anytime we are outside, day or night. In his defense the moon has been up at times when we have gone on walks at 6:30am. And I love it because it has re-ignited his love of Goodnight Moon, and he is NOT referring to something as a "ball" just because it is round which I think is a pretty huge step for him.

Little d continues to be on the move ALL THE TIME. Literally goes nowhere without running there. Speaking of running, I run to the library a few times a week with him and the BOB, and we have a great time singing songs with motions that he has gotten quite pro at [wheels on the bus, itsy bitsy spider, skiddle-ma-rinky-dink, 5 little monkeys, humpty dumpty and a dozen more]. The best part about this stage is that if he is upset while I am running or driving, all I have to do is start singing and he will happily forget about what made him upset and start doing the motions. Mickey Mouse is HUGE for this kid now. I know all the words to Mickey's Clubhouse theme song and the Hot Dog song, and they are a SURE thing to make him happy and start madly dancing. He has also started to notice Mickey on his pajamas and his diapers... which has lead to quite a phenomenon where he will throw a FIT if you do not give him the soiled diaper after he is changed, so that he can slam-dunk it into the trash, do a double fit pump and loudly say, "YEAH!" Case in point:
 "I do it!"
Oh, how I love this boy and I love this age. He may still be pushing kids around or hitting Kevs every once in a while, but he is still one of the sweetest boys I know. But with separation anxiety rearing its ugly head, there have been more tears this month than I know what to do with. We happily wave "bye-bye" to Mr. D, then my dad and DK as they leave for work/school but heaven forbid I go to the bathroom without taking him with me because then he just falls apart. I have even resorted to just letting him play with bath toys on the bathroom floor a few times in the last two weeks while I take a shower [he only wanted to join me once, baths are more his style].

My poor mother. If I have her watch little d [which doesn't happen as often as I should be taking advantage of, mostly due to the anxiety as of late], he will cry for mama and dada and then go around the house pointing to every picture of Mr. D and I, making sure she understands that he wants his mama and dada so she knows what they look like. The cool part about that is he finally has started consistently calling Mr. D "dada" and me "mama" or "mommy" [if you remember when we first got here at 14 months, he was referring to every one and every thing as "mama" kinda like a teenager with profanity issues]. He calls DK "nah-noh" or just "da", and while he cannot yet say grandpa or abuela, he can say mu-mo [my MIL] and is with "oo-ee" is tentatively working on ookie [my FIL].
Not to mention he is the perfect model. All I have to tell him is "Say teeth" and he says "teeth" as he shows me his teeth [see far right]. Perfect, I know, right?
Can't get enough of him? Yeah, me either. Why else would you be reading my blog?


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K. S. Powers said...

Adorable! :)

Sarah said...

hahahaha OH MY GOSH he is SO CUTE!! i love those little teeth...less than a month away from being together!!! <3 <3 <3

anna. said...

SLAM DUNK!! those stickers are awesome. reminds me of DK ( :

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