Monday, October 31, 2011

what I'm making monday: Halloween party time!

DZ Goal #3: Throw my first Halloween Party! Here was the main event:
 "Pieces of Frankenstein": olive and cheese kebabs stuck into a pumpkin,
"Witches Brew": sprite with frozen pomegranite juice hand [juice frozen into a powderless glove]
"Mummified Dogs": Hot dogs wrapped in crescents
"Pumpkin Guts": Orange dyed rice
 "Zombie Eyes": Deviled eggs with food coloring for eyeballs
"Monster Teeth": Apples, quartered and cut open for mouth and slices of almonds for teeth
"Ghost Boogers": grapes
"Goblin Remains": Mr. D's Grandma's chili
"Bat Poop": Darsi's crockpot chicken [super yummy! recipe to follow]
"Graveyard Dirt": Chocolate pudding and cool whip mix with crushed oreos, gummy worms and milano cookies with black food gel pen for "RIP".
Pretty awesome, don't you think? This party was un-officially brought to you by Pinterest :) You better believe I am obsessed. The party Saturday night was a smash hit... with the exception of Biby's little girl getting sick the day of, poor thing, which made it impossible for her and her parents to make it.

Credits go to Biby as my co-hostess who made the dogs, boogers, and kebabs,
The Tias for bringing the rice and punch,
Mr. D for making the bat poop and zombie eyes,
my Mama for making for putting up all the decor, making the dirt and witch's hand,
and of course my daddy-o, for footing the bill and the locale for this little shindig.

Don't forget we had a Costume contest!!
Calvin, Hobbes, Tiger Woods and Mickey Mouse [more on that later]
 Diego [from Go Diego Go], Cindy as herself, Crazyman Tio Daniel; Count Cecil, SWAT guy, Madonna.
 God and Goddess, and Balrog DK
 Winners of the contest by popular vote were DK, Diego, and Madonna :)
And of course Mr. D and little d had to steal the show by showing off their golfing skills :)
Happy Halloween!!

"Bat Poop" Italian Chicken recipe [cook in crockpot 6-8 hours]
4-6 Chicken Breasts + 8 oz packet of cream cheese + 1 can of cream of chicken soup + 1 packet Good Seasons Italian Dressing = heaven... and the hit of the party!


Have Your Way said...

So cute!!! Yay for your Halloween party!!!

Emily Rebecca Jacobs said...

Looks like so much fun! and yummy

anna. said...

NEW RULE: you're not allowed to make so much delicious food when i'm not around.

Sarah said...

when i see "witches brew" i immediately think of homestarrunner. and nothing else. haha. looks so yum!!! way to go!

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