Tuesday, October 18, 2011

visit to bananas in wausau part 2 [the cellphone pics...]

...because I'm lame and forgot my camera. But I made sure to let my mom know I made the 11 hour drive by taking a pic of the first thing I saw that said "Wausau" [and now I don't remember what store it was??]
 Me, in need of a shower or at least some deoderant after numbing my bum for 11 hours. Bananas, looking like a superstar [because... she is.]
 I brought her presents... and by "I" I do mean my mom bought them and I helped her pick them out :)
 Initiation into Wausau... Pollito's pizza. All this and a heart attack for under $10? Yes please.
 Here we have exhibit A of the heart attack... whoever thought to drench bread in garlic and butter-- genious.
 While I was still recovering from said heart attack, Bananas went all fashion showy on me. She even went back and bought this dress yesterday!!
 This was a close second favorite... I wish I looked this good in one piece dresses!
 Did I mention mom and I made sure to get her some Graeter's that shipped with me via dry ice? 
Om nom nom.
 On the way up the "fall ride", we saw this and I thought of my firstborn....jk.
 I couldn't get enough of this foliage...
 It was truly "peak of the season" and beyond gorgeous....
I love Rib Mountain.
Did I mention we saw an Amish family? That lead to quite the heated discussion about "real" amish people. I missed seeing the Amish when I lived in Utah. I actually am quite fond of those little caps.
Satuday... GAME DAY! We watched the buckeyes while eating some five layer dip: beans, spanish rice, tomatoes, sour cream, cheese. Have you seen the price of avocados??? It is a sad predicament to be sure.
One last thing... if anyone knows where I can find a kid-sized version of this hat?? Let me know. 
I need it for little d ASAP.
And finally... home to my little Kevs. Thanks again for a fabo trip, Bananas-dollface!!


Rachael said...

This is the best lion hat I found on etsy. http://www.etsy.com/listing/81230644/newborn-baby-lion-cub-hat-with-furry?ref=sr_gallery_13&ga_search_submit=&ga_search_query=lion+knit+hat&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_ship_to=US&ga_page=1&ga_search_type=handmade&ga_facet=handmade It's super adorable.

P.S. I am so glad that you guys had such a great time. Sisters rock!

Sarah said...

"home to my little kevs"

hahahaa no drew or dustin mentioned. and kevs gets two shoutouts. about time he is recognized (:

Lizzie N said...

ahh i love graeters! its the best. end.of.story. thats fun you got to be with ur sista!

anna. said...

aww. i miss when you were here. love the pics ( : let's hang out again soon.

Stefanie D. said...

WTF, amish family? HAHAHAA. Soooo funny. I would have taken a picture too. :)You and your sisters are soooooo beautiful!

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